5.Ivy League week(what are you assigned to do?+ B& S show down, how are you involved)

 “Honestly, how did Scott get the Harvard usher position? He is an idiot,” I sighed leaning forward on a table facing Reece. 

 “You can stop rubbing it into my face, they gave me Penn. Do you know how embarrassed my dad is going to be when he finds out? I am a Harvard legacy and I applied for that usher position.” Reece slouched on the table as well. We sat in the courtyard connecting St. Jude’s and Constance Billard watching all of our classmates react to the Ivy Week usher positions. The girls at Constance have already been working on planning Ivy Week since the start of school, I have been delegating positions to people for weeks and triple checking everything that they are doing and planning. 

 “Can you guys explain this whole Ivy week thing to me?” Brett Stark now sat at our table, perfectly upright while Reece and I still lay on the table. 

 “A bunch of reps from all the Ivy League schools come and we get to schmooze them for a few hours. I can get you into the party if you want,” I rolled over and faced Brett. He laughed at me and it was adorable. 

 “It is okay I am already going. They gave me the job to schmooze the Cornell rep,” he replied shrugging his shoulders before falling forward on the table. 

 “The table is comfy, right?” Reece asked. 

 “How is this even real?” Brett replied as he shifted his backpack into a pillow location under his head. I rolled my eyes at the boys before standing up, Brett grabbed my arm. 

 “Nooo, stay,” he whined. 

 “Stayyy,” Reece added. 

 “Sadly I have to go and bother Blair during gym about what charity we are honoring at the party. I have been asking her all the time and still have yet to receive an answer. Hopefully I can get that out of the way quickly because we are playing field hockey today and I love to laugh at how bad all these girls are.” 

“Have fun.” 

“Kick their ars..”

“Language!” The boys then proceeded to try to shove each other off the table neither of them moving from their reclined positions. I laughed as Brett wobbled off of the table while Reece cheered with his victory. 

“Honestly, Hadley when are you going to date one of those boys and don’t laugh and say that neither of them like you because I have eyes and ears and you can’t fool me,” Penelope asked as I joined her in the hallway. 

“Come on Penny, they are my good friends I don’t want to date them,” I replied stopping at my locker opening it up to pull out my gym uniform. 

“So you do admit that they like you,” Penelope was always ready for gossip and somehow my mindless locker babble seemed worthy of her attention. Why couldn’t Chuck Bass be doing something obnoxious in the courtyard to get her off my scent? I looked over at the still slightly abuzz courtyard but any obnoxious behavior from Chuck Bass or anyone else was absent.

“I didn’t say that at all. What I said was that they are my good friends and I wouldn’t ever want to ruin that,” I replied shutting my locker and giving her a look to drop it. She rolled her eyes and turned to Hazel who was telling her about Scott Jackson getting the Harvard usher position over Reece. We continued to the locker room changing into our gym clothes, I talked with a girl in our class who was on the field hockey team with me. Based on the tension between Blair and Serena it was obviously going to cause some issues. 

“Hey coach,” I said smiling running out onto the field. 

“Hadley would you mind helping Serena with the rules, she will be on your team.” I nodded my head and looked over at the tall blonde. 

“You are Hadley Mather right?” She asked with an attempt at friendliness. 

“Boarding school for a year and you have already forgotten all of us little people,” I muttered back. 

“Come on, Hadley you and Blair aren’t even good friends why are you siding with her?” 

“I am not siding with her, I just expected you to remember someone who was just as good friends with you as Kati, Iz, Penelope, Hazel and should I go on.” 

“I’m sorry Hadley,” she looked down. “You still play field hockey and I forgot the other sport?”

“Varsity captain and crew not captain but hopefully next year. I take it you still prefer to avoid athletics whenever possible?” She laughed. 

“At my boarding school everyone had to be on at least two sports teams, I did volleyball and skiing. It was so horrible,” I smiled and laughed, but stopped when I saw my other friends gather onto the field. 

“So let me give you a brief rundown of the rules and you will probably pick it up,” I said before going into an explanation. 

“Just my luck that Blair is on the other team.” I ignored the comment, but as the game started I realized what exactly that meant. After Blair’s second attack on Serena I had to stop it, this was getting out of hand. 

“She is trying to injure my teammate, it is intent. That is an automatic one game suspension when we are actually playing.”

“Hadley this is gym class and not all of these girls know all the rules.” A minute late Blair and Serena were wrestling on the ground. 

“Coach,” I sighed. 

“They both have one more shot,” he replied before walking over toward them. 

“Don’t let her get to you Serena, this kind of violence is not allowed,” I said running past her as I carried the ball forward scoring quickly. As the other team received the ball I flinched at the sight of Blair taking it downfield, just as soon as it happened Serena tackled her to the ground. 

“Really Serena I was trying to help you,” I yelled leaning over Blair who was crouched over in pain. 

“But…” She started before coach kicked her out of the game. 

“Blair, what happened?” I asked as she leaned on my shoulder. 

“She needs to be taught a lesson. I’ll tell you the charity later today,” Blair responded before heading off with Kati and Iz. 


 “Hadley remember that you should talk to all of the reps, even Princeton. I don’t understand your hatred of New Jersey,” my mother said as we headed into the Ivy Week mixer. 

 “I know mom, but when we get home I can explain about New Jersey to you if you want,” I smiled and adjusted my blazer. After fifteen minutes of a wonderful discussion with Reece and the Penn rep where we talked athletics, student government and the reflection of popular music on society I decided it was time to brave into the abyss and approach the Harvard rep who was sadly being ushered by Scott. 

 “Scott,” I whispered as he stood watching the band perform with the Harvard rep.

 “Oh hello Hadley,” he smiled turning to face me. “How are you on this fine day?”

 “You know why I am talking to you Scott. Can you please introduce me to Dr Knightly?” 

 “I know that is what you want and I may be able to oblige, but I would want something in return?” 

 “Come on you let Austin talk to him like ten minutes ago,” I replied quietly. 

 “One date, Hadley that is all I want,” he said calmly. 

 “Eat my shorts, Jackson,” I said before turning away and heading toward the Cornell rep. An hour and a half later and I had yet to talk to Dr Knightly about my dream school. Was Harvard worth a date with Scott Jackson? I mean there are tons of girls who would love to go on a date with him for some odd reason, maybe it wouldn’t be torture and I can make a new friend. Though likely I will be selling my soul for a few fleeting minutes with a representative who could help get me into Harvard. Sadly I would be losing my soul, but what does that matter I mean half of my classmates are soulless monsters and they seem to function well. 

 “Fine,” I whispered in Scott’s ear as I bent down to pick up a glass from the empty drink station. His eyes brightened and he smiled. 

 “Dr Knightly I don’t think you have had the pleasure of meeting my girlfriend Hadley Mather,” he said putting his arm around my shoulder. I tried not to vomit on the man’s shoes and I succeeded. 

 “It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Mather. Are you by any chance related to Connie Mather, the journalist?” 

 “Why yes that is my mother,” I smiled and wriggled myself out of Scott’s grasp. “Would you like to meet her, that is if I can borrow you from Scott for a moment? You don’t mind do you sweetie?” 

 “No, of course not go right ahead. I have been meaning to get myself a drink,” he said smiling as I walked away with the rep talking about myself and Harvard. Suddenly it was time for Blair to talk about the Ostroff Center, which was a surprisingly great choice for a local community organization. The she was saying that Serena was a patient of the center and I wanted to run up onto the stage and take control. This was my event and Blair was using it in her petty fight with Serena, I couldn’t just leave Dr Knightly though. Scott walked over and joined us, I was angry at Blair and annoyed at Scott. I just stood there with Scott and Dr Knightly watching Serena, then Dr Ostroff speak before we all talked until the mixer was ending. 

 “Look at that you spent all this time with me and you seem to be enjoying yourself. Just imagine how much fun we are going to have next week when we don’t have to entertain another person to talk to. “ I rolled my eyes. “You were saying something about eating your”

 “You get one date, Scott. Please don’t push your luck.” I turned away from him and came face to face with Reece and Brett. 

 “You are going on a date with that jerk,” Brett asked loudly as his face contoured into rage. 

 “What did you do Scott, bribe her?” Reece replied and Scott’s face flushed. The pig had at least one human feeling, embarrassment. 

 “Guys let’s just go. I finally gave in to Scott asking me every day and said yes. It is no big deal,” I pushed them away from Scott and wondered why on earth I was helping Scott. He was an obnoxious pig and why did I care if he was embarrassed. Was Penelope right that Reece or Brett had a thing for me and was now jealous? 

 I hate Ivy Week.
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