'I thought I’d buried you and covered the tracks, you’ll have to take this with your cold dead hands'

~Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon
I'm so excited for the album.
Sorry I can't make a proper set.
My computer won't load some of the pictures in the set creator thing.
I also haven't been on because I've been busy.
I went to the movies with my friend for the first time in forever. I've been to the movies recently but that was the first time in a long time I've went with a friend.
We went to see a scary movie because there were no good movies out that I hadn't seen and I was nervous because scary movies and I don't really mix but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. My friend I went with and I talked during most of the movie. He'd say things like 'don't open the closet. Austin Carlile isn't in there' and there were only like 14 other people in the theater so I don't think anyone cared.
I'm making cookies because my friends wanted me to make some more (because I made some the other day) and because I like to eat them and to impress others with my cookie making skills.
People say I make the best cookies.
I'm so broke it makes me sad because I look at band merch anyway and Aspire and Create stuff and it's so perfect but I can't have any of it.
And don't even get me started on Drop Dead.
If I were to buy all that I wanted from Drop Dead I would have to spend over 400 monies.
I don't feel like going to school tomorrow.
I really don't want to.

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Wrote three years ago
@lapinrose No problem

Wrote three years ago
omfg bless your soul for making this collection.


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