i thought i was an alien

i almost cried while making this collection because i felt so sad because oddly enough everything i put in this collection somehow reminds me of how lonely i am (i sometimes think i am an alien, or something otherworldly, and that i was never meant to be here.) SO STUPID!! Does anyone else think that sometimes?


Wrote 11 months ago
Maybe you're a starseed?

Wrote one year ago
The creative outcasts of a young generation are the cool people & the fulfilled people of the future
Don't even!
Great collection btw

Wrote one year ago
Omg! I perfectly understand You! Don't be sad, you're not alone <3

Wrote one year ago
You make perfect sense

Wrote one year ago
same but then i took that personality test that Harvard makes there students take for their career paths ( Meyer - Briggs MBTI Test) and i felt better cause it explained me sooo well Im an INFJ the rarest personality in the world lol so it made sense why i always felt different

Wrote one year ago
baby don't be sad!!!!!! soon you'll find the right people and places who will just click with u and everything will be a ok

Wrote one year ago
You're welcome I'm glad I could help! I love you too! Xx

Wrote one year ago
@auroramay19 This is so sweet, and made me so happy thank you i love u!!!!!<333

Wrote one year ago
Never say that! You were meant to be here, and I'm sure that there are SO many people who believe that. Sometimes life will be crap, but never give up, it'll get better, I promise! You make awesome sets by the way xx


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