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I waited patiently outside of Amelia's trailer as she changed into her clothes for our date tonight, actually feeling nervous. Normally I was completely fine with girls, but it was so different with her. I mean, we hadn't exactly had the best start and I knew that it was going to take a lot more to impress her than some other girl. But filming for our movie only had four days of filming left and I didn't want that to be the last of us, so I was going to try to make an impression on her as much as I could.
"Sorry to keep you waiting," She said, coming out of her trailer and pulling me away from my own thoughts.
I turned towards her, my eyes running along her body. "You look gorgeous," I told Amelia, though I was pretty sure that even that was an understatement. I mean, she looked absolutely perfect in a tight dress that flattered her every curve.
She smiled, only looking more gorgeous as we headed towards the parking lot where my car was. "Thanks. Don't tell, but I totally stole the dress from my wardrobe for the movie."
I laughed. "I think your secret is safe with me."
"So where are you taking me?" She asked, glancing towards me.
I smirked. "It's a surprise."
"That's no fair!"
"Hey, I told you it'd be the best date you ever went on, right? So just trust me," I said, grinning as I pulled open the passenger side door for her as we came up to my car. 
"Such a gentleman." She winked at me before sliding into the front seat. I closed the door behind her and jogged to my side, getting into the car. "But this better be the best date ever, otherwise the secret would have been for nothing."
I laughed. "I promise."
“Good… by the way, nice car," She told me with a smile as I pulled out of the lot and started down the highway. 
"Thanks, I'm actor, if you hadn't heard," I joked, never really feeling comfortable when people brought up the money thing. To me, getting such an amazing salary was just an added plus to my job and for some reason, money had always made me feel uncomfortable. I did love my car though, and I knew I'd never be able to have it if it wasn't for my job.
"Really? I've never seen you in anything," She said, playing along. 
“I’ve done a few movies here and there, but the biggest movie I’m starring in right now with this really hot girl. I think the movie’s going to be pretty big.” I smirked at her.
She giggled. "If she's that hot, the movie is going to be really good."
"She's a pretty good actress, I mean aside from all the hotness," I shrugged, joking with her though I was completely serious. She was an amazing actress and she was completely stunning.
"Well, she says thank you." 
I looked over and grinned at her. "I mean it Amelia..."
She nodded. "I know." She smiled before leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. "No you better hurry up, because I'm starving."
"We're almost there," I told her as we moved away from the city and towards Santa Monica, thinking about how lucky I was that Amelia had even accepted to go on a date with me. "So I should tell you now. There's this amazing sushi place here... I mean extremely fresh fish and it tastes really f*cking good."
"I love sushi," She told me what I already knew. She had mentioned it once before and it was exactly the reason we were getting it now.
“And you want to know the best part?” I questioned, glancing towards her. She nodded so I continued, “It’s far enough away from L.A. that no paparazzi will bother us tonight. No pesky questions. Just us, to get to know each other.” 
She grinned. “Sounds… amazing.” 
I nodded, keeping my eyes open for the parking lot of the restaurant that should be coming up on my right. "I didn't think we really wanted to be bombarded by cameras all night. I understand it's part of the job, but sometimes it can get to be a bit much."
"I know. Plus, it's not exactly like both of us are under the radar right now with a new movie in the works."
I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, coming to a stop at the valet and turning towards Amelia as I unbuckled my seat belt. "You took the words right out of my mouth... are you ready?"
She smiled, looking completely gorgeous and making me tempted to just lean over the center console and kiss her. "Yes, I'm starving." 
We both got out of the car and I handed my keys over to the valet before leading the way into the restaurant. I gave the hostess my name and she led us straight to the table of the fairly packed restaurant. Despite us being far enough away for any paparazzi to be bothering us, I'm sure that someone in the place would recognize us and it would get out, but I didn't really care about any of that that. All I really wanted was to be able to get to know Amelia without any frustrating distractions, and this place would be perfect with that. Plus, their sushi was damn good.
We had both ordered our drinks as well as just several different types of sushi to share when I looked over to her, trying to pick my brain about what I really wanted to know about her. I mean, despite spending nearly every day working together lately, I still didn't know that much about her... and I really was dying to know more. Something about her just intrigued me. "So I know you love sushi, but tell me more about you."
She bit her lip and I wouldn't lie, it made it kind of hard for me to focus on what she was saying as I thought about how much I wanted to kiss her and just how soft her lips were. "I love Thai food too, oh, and some good pizza," She said jokingly, a smirk on her lips. 
I laughed. "All that is very interesting, but I think maybe I want to know more about you than what kind of food you like," I said, my hand reaching out for hers across the table as I spoke. 
"Really?" She bit her tongue and I nodded. "Can I be completely honest with you?" She asked, taking a deep breath and kind of making me nervous as to what she was going to say, but I didn't show it.
"Yeah, of course. What is it Amelia?" I asked, leaning closer to her.
"Well, you see. I just really don't have much experience with all of this sharing... I usually use the guy for, well, sex. It's just been simple that way," She said with a shrug. "You know that whole leave them before they leave you type of thing. I blame my daddy issues."
I was definitely taken aback, mainly because I was expecting her to tell me something much worse. She had a child, she was actually married, she'd been born a man... that was what I'd expected. "That's all?" I raised my brow, smirking.
A grin slowly formed on her lips. "Well there's more, but I don't think you should hear them all right now. I have to keep some secrets."
I laughed. "Got it. So really? Not many dates?" I mean, that was kind of hard to believe when you looked at how gorgeous she was.
She shook her head. “I’ve been on dates! It just ends up with me in bed with the guy… and then I leave as quickly as possible.”
“It’s not like you killed someone Amelia," I grinned at the nervous look on her face before taking a sip of my beer.
"What if I did?" She joked, winking, "And you don't have to call me Amelia... You can call me Mills, Milly, or Mil. Whatever you feel comfortable calling me..."
"Well, Mil, you don't have to worry about it. We all have secrets, sh*t happens," I said with a shrug. I mean, I was the one who had pretended to be in a relationship with someone. 
She leaned towards me, raising her brow. "And what are your secrets Mr. Harper."
I shook my head. "Nothing as interesting as you."
She intertwined her fingers with mine. “If you don’t tell me something Tom, I won’t tell you anything else," She said, biting her lip and looking so f.cking sexy.
“You’re not playing fair. I would tell you stuff, but I’m not as interesting as you," I told her seriously, a grin on my face. I would just rather hear about her.
She shook her head, smiling. “I don’t care how menial it is… Just tell me something Tom.” 
I took a sip of my drink, trying to think of what to even say, but I really wasn't used to talking about myself with dates. I mean, firstly, I hadn't been on many dates in the past year, and beyond that I had usually just made the dates all about the girls. "I really don't know."
She laughed. "You don't know anything about yourself?"
Before I could answer, the waiter came back and set down all the different types of sushi, putting a grin on my face from the way her face lit up. She was so stunning. "You want to know something about me?" I asked her.
She paused, her chopsticks in hand as she looked back towards me. "What?"
"I don't know how to use chopsticks," I said, probably not what she was expecting from the way she instantly started laughing.
"Are you serious?"
I shrugged. "I just don't know how. Don't make fun of me," I said, smirking.
She just kept laughing. "I can teach you, if you want."
I shook my head. "Oh, trust me, people have tried time and time again. I just can't do it," I told her seriously, picking up a fork from the table. 
She smiled. "Cute."
"Cute?! Me??" 
She nodded, biting her lip. She was cute, I definitely was not. "Yes! And thank you for sharing," She said, winking before she ate a sushi roll.
"No problem. How's your food?"
She smiled, popping another piece of sushi into her mouth, nodding. "Delicious," She spoke, covering her mouth politely as she chewed, "Better than most places I've had sushi in L.A."
I nodded as I looked at that gorgeous smile on her face. "L.A. doesn't have sh*t on this place." I grinned back at her.
"I think I might make this place my regular." She grinned.
I shook my head. "You can't. Unless I'm with you. I brought you here so I have to always be with you when you come now," I said, genuinely hoping to come back here with her sometime. I hoped to spend a lot of time with her in the future, honestly.
She giggled. "Is that the rule now?" I nodded and she shrugged in response, her voice a little more serious when she spoke again than the playful tone we had been using. "Well it doesn't sound too bad. I'd like to come back with you again."
"Yeah?" I asked, not able to really resist grinning as she nodded. "Good."
I grabbed her hand and held it as she grinned, biting the tip of her tongue. "You know you're being really cheesy with me."
"I am?" I laughed, not even really realizing it, honestly. 
She nodded her head. "Yeah, most guys just want to get in my pants. They don't care about sucking up." She grinned. "But its okay because I'm being equally as cheesy," She said with a laugh.
I couldn't really blame other guys for wanting to her, god knows I did... but I think she deserved a hell of a lot more than just some guy who wanted to have sex with her. "And I think that's really f.ucking cute."
She blushed, looking even cuter. "You're really flattering me Tom."
I shrugged. "I wouldn't say anything that isn't true Mill."
She bit her lips, leaning across the table to give me a soft kiss, really just teasing me because I was dying to kiss her so much more. She grinned as she pulled away, pretty much reading my mind. "I really want to kiss you more."
I smirked. "I won't say no to that," I told her, leaning in to kiss her once again.
Someone cleared their voice and I pulled back to see the waiter give us a look. "Mr. Harper, is there anything else I can get for you? Dessert?"
"Do you want dessert Mill?" I asked her with a smile.
She nodded quickly. "Tempura ice cream," She said. "I snuck a peek at the dessert menu," She told me biting down on her bottom lip.
I laughed, a smile breaking onto my face. She was so adorable. "Then I guess I'll have the same," I told the waiter, handing both of our menus to him before he walked away.
Our conversation continued on steadily as we waited and then ate the delicious fried dessert. It was actually amazing how I wanted to listen to her forever and never ceased to be intrigued by her. Amelia was right, I was being so cheesy... but I just couldn't help it. And trust me, I was never cheesy. That just wasn't me. Something about her made me act different though. It was like I wanted her to see me in the best possible light because I felt like the guy I was now wasn't even half as good as what she deserved.
After I had payed the check, we started towards the exit and I took her hand again, pretty sure I was grinning like an idiot. The date had gone more than well and I couldn't have been happier at this point. "Thanks for letting me take you out... I know I fucked up a lot by lying to you when we first met. I wouldn't have blamed you for actually never speaking to me again," I told her seriously.
"Your relationship with Cara wasn't as serious as I thought and that's why I was annoyed in the first place. And I kind of thought you were a pig, but you definitely proved me wrong tonight..." 
"I hope so," I murmured, stopping as I reached my car and wrapping my arms around her waist, pressing her up against the door and setting my lips against hers. My hands ran along her perfect curves as my tongue slipped into her mouth. God, I could kiss her forever...
My lips broke apart from hers, only to roam her skin, pressing against her neck, behind her ear, along her collarbone and shoulders. I pressed soft kisses against the top of her cleavage peeking out from her dress, my thoughts far from the fact that we were standing in a parking lot. "Tom..." She moaned softly, even that barely taking me out of my trance. 
"Come home with me...." I spoke against her skin, pulling back to look into her eyes before kissing her on the lips once again before she could answer. I couldn't get enough of her.
"Do you think that's the best idea?" She spoke against my lips.
I shrugged, didn't seeing what was wrong with it. "Why wouldn't it be?"
"I don't know if I can trust myself around you Tom." She bit her lip, making me want her even more.
"What would be the harm in that?" I smirked at her, a smile falling on her lips as I pulled back and kissed her forehead.
"Then come home with me. Spend the night with me."
She looked up at me. "If I come home with you, we can have sex."
I raised a brow. "Why not?"
She grinned. "I have to make you work for it."
I smirked. Of course she was a tease. "Well then what do I get out of it?"
She shrugged. “I might let you feel me up a bit, but that’s all. I can’t give it all up on the first date.” 
God, I felt like we were f.cking teenagers or something. “You’re making this very hard for me Mills," I gritted out, rubbing my hands over my face.
She grinned, winking after she spoke, "I have to. I have to see how much you really want me." 
Ugh, god knows that I wanted her.
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