twenty sixth - rest up after last night and just enjoy the day. {free day}

Holly knew that the gift exchange had gone perfectly fine. She rescued a good friend of hers, smiled at all the right times, and kissed her boyfriend every time he did something adorable. People still saw her as International Relations Association president, member of the inter-greek council, and overall picturesque college student. Those were the things that she had aways cared so much about, and now she wondered if she cared at all. Her family life was still in shambles, she hadn't talked to her parents in over a year, she didn't know what she wanted to do after graduation, and her relationship was falling apart.
But she looked good.
"Hol, I'm heading out, alright. You feeling okay?" Brielle came out of the bathroom, fluffing her hair. She reached for the doorknob, but when Holly didn't respond, she found herself going to comfort her. "Stop beating yourself up, chica.".
Holly simply looked at Bri and just shook her head. "He's gonna break up with me, I can feel it."
"Then talk to him about it! Sitting in here twidling your thumbs isn't helping anyone." One thing Brielle was good for was setting people straight. Holly was amazed by how confident she always seemed, even when she was down. Somehow she just exuted this sense of control.
"It's not that simple. Maybe we aren't breaking up, but I just can't seem to connect to him like I used to. This is the six-month mark. Things start falling apart right about now. I've seen it happen plenty of times." Both of them knew that wasn't the complete reason for her problems.
"It is that simple," Bri started towards the door. "and you know it. I've known you for a long enough time to see when you're lying to me. But listen up, and you listen good, you can lie to everyone else as much as you feel like it. And I mean that. But you better realize that the most dangerous lies are to yourself. Because after a while you start to believe them." She opened the door and stepped into the hallway. "And that is when you lose yourself, Holly."
Holly didn't bother saying anything back. Instead she picked up the phone, and started dialing a number that she had tried so many times before. They picked up on the second ring.

"Hi Mom, its Holly."
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