If you haven't heard by now--which you should have, unless you're living under a rock--The Hampton's own Lily Desmond is engaged and she's throwing an engagement party for herself and her lucky beau, Tobias St. Laurent, at the yacht club. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served

I didn't want to go to the Desmond engagement party, but I had business to attend to. This was the perfect opportunity to talk to a few people about Lia, especially since Stuart wasn't joining me. He had a previous party to attend to. I needed to talk to Bijoux. I was starting to have this odd feeling that all the felonous/semi porn-star girls in the Hamptons had some kind of secret society of cult. Well, not really, but there had to be some connection. Mary helping Lia? Seeing Karlie with Lia the other night? I wasn't that fu.cked up, I was certain of what I saw. I just needed to know. I didn't know why, maybe I was just subconsciously bored? None the less, I put on my outfit and drove off. I didn't bother texting Mia or Bella, this was a solo thing. But I had no doubt that they would both be at the party. 
I greeted Lily happily-and I was happy! She was getting married! But I had better things to do then fuel her ego with the word "congratulations".

I found Bijoux and Karlie talking together. Karlie intreged me. I remember being rude to her once, my memory recalled. I felt a bit guilty, I was always a bit harsh when it came to first meetings. However, Bijoux I was worried about, but I needed her.
"Karlie, you look lovely." I smiled.
"As did you at the Gatsby garden." Karlie smiled back and winked. My smile faded into a glare.
"Who was your friend that was accompanying you?" I folded my arms and raised my eyebrow.
"Angry is a horrible look on you. Besides, it was just this friend of mine. Her name is Lisa." 
I couldn't tell if Karlie was lying or not. I tried my best to keep a calm face, but I was so past ambigus answers.
 Didn't anyone just say the fuc.king truth anymore?

"If you excuse me, I'd like to talk to Bijoux alone." I insisted. 
"See you soon, Lorelle." Karlie said as she walked away dryly. Well, so much for being friendly.

Bijoux looked at me strangely. I tried to look away from her, trying not to draw attention to my diamond nose ring.
"I need your help."
"Why would I help you?"
"Because it involves criminal activity, money, mystery, and possibly," I paused for effect
"Sneaking into the Gatsby mansion."
Bijoux looked at me and opened her mouth a bit in a silent gasp. 
"I'm listening."
"My sister, Lia, is a runaway from the FBI and DEA herself. She's my faternal twin. She's pale, has unatraully short red hair, and is Gatsby mistress. I also would like you to spy on Tom Busch's mistress, Mary Williams. I would like to know excatly what is going on. The situation with Lia is an ambigus one, and I know Mary has something to do with her escape."
"That's it? Easy peasy." Bijoux chortled. 
"I can't thank you enough. How much would you like?"
She leaned closer to my face.
"You know... I always wanted my nose peirced..." she started.
I sighed. 
"It has my germs and dirt on it." I protested.
"I know how to desanitize."
"What about cash?"
"What about confusion for the rest of your life?" she retorted.
I sighed and took out the stud, and held it in my palm one last time before handing it to Bijoux.
"Don't take it personally, it's just buisness. I do hope we can be on good terms. If anything, wanting this is a compliment to your exquisite taste." Bijoux said warmly.
"Of course!" I agreed. But as usual, I'd be watching my back just incase she unhooked my necklace and stole it. Semi-pun intended.
I wanted answers, and I felt a warm but nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was unsure if this was a foreshadow that would turn out horrible, or just the way I wanted.


Sorry if the character dialogue messes with your character's plotline. You guys can feel free to include Lorelle in your story and elaborate on whatever happened! and p.s please don't include Stuart becuse he's not in a lorelle story (for once, hallelujah)
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