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we had a snow day woo!

it was a good day but i still have orchestra rehearsal for an hour and a half and i'll get home at like 9:30. urgh.

•Name: Freya Louisa King
•Age: 20
•Hometown: Westport, Connecticut 
•University: Harvard (Double Major: Math and Biology)
•Likes: Champagne, cigarettes, silk, macaroons, oxfords, blazers, getting good grades, making new friends, rowing, running, travel, vogue, tea, preps, school, lipstick, boyfriends, and clubs
•Dislikes: wannabes, hipsters, ripped clothing, drugs, mind games, being second, infomercials, knockoffs, ignorant people, extreme liberals, public schools, gaining weight, and being alone
•Bio: Freya King, private school queen. Born and raised in Connecticut, Freya was always offered the best life had to offer. Her parents worked as lawyers at Yale and always tried to make sure Freya had all the best opportunities. She attended public school until middle school, here she attended Hopkins School in New Haven, where she began preparing for college. It was always made sure her schedule was completely filled with multiple language classes, the most difficult APs, along with the types of extra curriculars colleges would adore. Although she often had lots of work and activities, after her acceptance to Harvard University, she began sneaking out to go to parties, where she gained popularity among her peers. Because her life was all planned out by her parents and grandparents, Freya had little to no say in what she got to do, what classes she would take, or even who she could be friends with. After graduating at the top of her class, Freya moved onto Harvard, the last school her family wanted her to attend, to spite her family's wishes. After bringing shame to her Yale-obsessed family, Freya ended most of her communication with them during her freshman year. Since then, her family only communicates twice a year: once for Christmas, and another for signing the yearly tuition and credit card bills. It sounds like a good deal until people want to 'Meet the Parents'.
•Character Study: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3245224
•Model: Montana Cox

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