A beauty collage from April 2013 featuring iron home decor, black and white shawl and diamond jewellery. Browse and shop related looks.
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  • Pier 1 Imports Iron Airplane Sculpture
    Our tribute to the biplanes flown by the wright brothers and others at the turn of the last century, this remarkably intricate iron sculpture will inspire flights of fancy in any aviation buff. intended for display as a decorative accent, the plane's propellor actually moves but it should not be used as a toy. like some of the wrights' earlier attempts, that notion just won't fly.
  • Fox Iron Werks Autumn Sunset Wall Sculpture
    Update your hallway or wall with this winter forest-inspired Iron Werks autumn sunset metal wall sculpture. This metal wall sculpture instantly transforms a room from ordinary to modern with its seasonally inspired tree branch style, making it ideal for seasonal decor. With its sturdy all metal construction, this sculpture offers longevity. Color: Brown Materials: 100-percent metal Special Features: Ready to hang Dimensions: 42.5-inches high x 42-inches wide x 3.5-inches deep Color: Brown.
  • Three Hands Resin Plane
    Find Decorative Accent Pieces at Target.com! Celebrate the golden age of aviation with this antique finish airplane. This is a unique piece of table art that brings a touch a masculinity to any room. Color: Bronze.
  • NOVICA Unique Recycled Metal Sculpture
    I was inspired by the urban belief that having a seahorse at home brings luck and prosperity says Peruvian artist Miguel Mejia. He masterfully transforms rugged pieces of metal auto and bike parts into the delicate presence of this marine creature. I used chains to shape the body so the links give the impression of scales. The rocker arm from a carburetor became the head and two nuts the eyes. I used metal sheets to shape the fins a a metal plate for the stand and I recycled corrugated wire into swaying algae.
  • NOVICA Hand Crafted Wood Ashanti Fertility Doll Sculpture
    Akuaba appears with a multicolored headdress in a sculpture that inspires admiration. She is the legendary fertility doll carried by Ashanti women when wishing to conceive. Ibrahim Mohammed carves her image from sese wood expertly replicating the artistic styles and customs of the Ashanti people. Adorned with iron hoop earrings the fertility doll is adorned with recycled glass beads. Mohammed finishes this sculpture with an antique rugged finish.
  • NOVICA Serpentine and pyrite sculpture
    Inspiring awe and admiration owls are fabled creatures of the night and keepers of sacred knowledge. They symbolize wisdom. Cesar Gonzalez carves this serpentine sculpture by hand with amazing detail featuring a rose quartz beak and big glass eyes. This vigilant owl is perched on a pyrite rock with its iron talons. The sculpture has a black onyx base.
  • Global Views Climbing Man Tabletop Sculpture
    The Global Views Climbing Man tabletop sculpture offers inspiration to sleek spaces and modern collections. The subject ascends a pole using a realistic rope, cast in elegant iron. The moody finish promotes a serious feel, while the focus offers an optimistic vibe. 7"W x 5.5"D x 26.5"H. Cast iron.
  • NOVICA Rustic Don Quixote Mexico Recycled Metal Auto Parts Art
    Proud and impassioned Don Quixote rides on Rocinante through fantastical adventures and battles. The lovable hero inspires Armando Ramirez to sculpt his image with an admirable collection of recycled metal parts. Don Quixote is crafted with discarded pieces off a dye machine springs thick wires and bearings as well as different auto parts. A spark plug and parts from a car's ignition and electric system shape Rocinante's equine head while the rest of the body includes a connecting rod thick wires and other auto parts. With this amazing assortment of metal pieces Ramirez creates a sculpture that exudes the heroic romanticism of this legendary character.
  • NOVICA Mexican Artisan Crafted Airplane Theme Sun Wall Sculpture
    A man in an aviator's helmet and goggles bravely pilots his propeller plane to the sun. Manuel Hernandez crafts this wall sculpture with resin and sheets of iron which he cuts shapes and paints by hand. The sun is a favorite theme for this talented Mexican artisan.
  • NOVICA Auto parts sculpture
    Eternally romantic Don Quixote pines after his beloved Dulcinea after battling windmills he believed were giants. An admirable character in Spanish literature Don Quixote was created by Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra inspiring this endearing sculpture by Armando Ramirez. As ingenious as this millenary personage Ramirez recycles several auto parts into a vivid sculpture including a generator cap for the helmet connecting rod for his back a thick wire for the lance Bendix pieces for the legs and a rocker arm for Quixote's chest. Ramirez also gives use to discarded pieces off a die machine wires and a small tricycle rim for the shield.
  • NOVICA Dance and Music Metal Recycled Auto Parts Sculpture
    Spinning tunes with melodic wonder a DJ captures the imagination of Mexico's Armando Ramirez. He transforms a sparkplug and thick wires into the DJ's body sculpting it into a vivid pose. Speaker protectors preserve their function continuing to pose as speakers. All other pieces from the turntable are crafted with recycled metal sheets to achieve a life-like depiction of a DJ hard at work.
  • NOVICA Handmade Chopper Recycled Metal Motor Cycle Sculpture
    Mexican artist Armando Ramirez builds a sleek motorbike from a wide assortment of recycled metal pieces. The tires are bearings from a car's electric system while the motorbike's gas tank once used to be a rocker arm from a car's ignition. The engine is an automobile cogwheel and a pulley is now the chopper's seat. Metal sheets and thick wires complete the motorcycle. Please note it is the artist's intention not to give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • Aviator Desk Globe, Almn/Khki
    Find Decorative Accent Pieces at Target.com! Add a classic feel to any room of your home with the Aviator Desk Globe from Go Home. Inspired by vintage aviator globes, this beautiful piece of home décor has a sepia background, natural tones and swivel iron stand. Perfect for a desktop or table, this beautiful globe will have you dreaming of faraway lands and adventures. Color: Almn/Khki.
  • NOVICA Unique Recycled Metal Rustic Train Sculpture Mexico
    Discarded thick wires metal sheets pulleys and screws become a train engine under the ingenious creativity of Mexico's Armando Ramirez. Once the main frame of the engine is built Ramirez transforms a car bearing and spark plugs into characteristic train parts. Ramirez recycles bendix parts from a car's electric system into the train's cauldrons which are joined together with thick wire and a brush holder from a car's electric system. Please note it is the artist's intention not to give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • NOVICA Metal Barber Sculpture Recycled Auto Parts Handmade Mexico
    Fashioned from a sparkplug a trendy stylist prepares to give a haircut. He drapes the client in a bit of metal screening and checks the hair with hands of galvanized wire. This whimsical sculpture comes from Armando Ramirez. Fashioned of an astonishing assortment of recycled metal and auto parts it is an affirmation for ecological responsibility. Ramirez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • NOVICA Original Trucker Statuette of Recyled Car Parts from Mexico
    Authentic down to the last detail a semi truck awaits a load to haul. Armando Ramirez transforms recycled bicycle and automobile parts into a realistic miniature replica. Bearings become wheels sparkplugs form smokestacks and sheet metal joins metal mesh screws and galvanized wire in an amazingly original sculpture. Ramirez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • NOVICA Fair Trade Motorcycle Metal Recycled Sculpture
    Mexico's Armando Ramirez transforms an impressive assortment of discarded metal pieces and auto parts into a dazzling motorbike. The artist's eye for detail is admirable as he transforms completely unrelated items into specific bike parts such as bearings becoming tires. The bike's engine includes bolts clog and brush holders usually found in a car's ignition and electrical system. The seat was formerly a clutch pedal and the bike's gas tank once formed part of a car's motor. Ramirez completes this sculpture with thick wires supports metal sheets and pieces left over from a die machine.
  • NOVICA Onyx and rhodonite sculpture
    Symbols of wisdom and keepers of sacred knowledge owls have long been admired. Incredibly attuned to the turns of the weather it was believed they could forewarn of disaster. Cesar Gonzalez finds inspiration in this creature of the night and carves this onyx sculpture by hand with amazing detail. This black owl has a pink rhodonite beak big glass eyes and iron talons. The owl is perched on a white onyx tree trunk adorned with pyrite.
  • NOVICA Hand Made Blue Rocking Horse Sculpture from Indonesia
    This sculpture of a winged horse is hand-carved from Balinese albesia wood. By Indonesian artisan Togog Suyasa the swift blue steed features golden-colored wings and iron runners that allow it to rock back and forth. Natural pandan leaf fibers form the mane and tail.
  • NOVICA Unique Rain Tree Wood Sculpture on Stand
    Jaifah Aksornsri invokes the presence of Huang the mythological bird of east Asia that reigns over all other birds. Originally there was a male version too Feng which later was fused with Huang and therefore became known as Fenghuang a female entity to be paired with the Chinese dragon. Together they augur a blissful marriage as they represent husband and wife. Fenghuang is known in the West as the Chinese phoenix and she symbolizes the concept of yin and yang as well as high virtue and grace. Fenghuang's beauty is captured with magnificent artistry in this hand-carved rain tree wood sculpture. Includes an iron stand.
  • NOVICA Collectible Recycled Auto Parts Sculpture
    Seated on the shore a fisherman in a wide brimmed hat has good luck. He pulls a silvery fish from the water his delight conveyed through body language. Peru's Miguel Mejia transforms cast-off nuts bolts screws and metal scraps into a charming sculpture.
  • NOVICA Handmade Recycled Metal Recycled Metal Lizard Sculpture
    Armando Ramirez expertly transforms a collection of auto parts and scrap metal pieces into the vivid sculpture of an iguana. Ramirez recycles a rocker arm from a car's ignition system into the iguana's head and pulleys become the eyes. The rest of the iguana is finished with discarded pieces from a die machine and metal sheets. Several more auto parts are transformed into the body and tail including a cog bendix shell connecting rod and rocker arm as well as smooth iron sheets. For the iguana's leg Ramirez uses screws thick wire and die pieces and a spark plug for the back. Please note it is the artist's intention not to give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • NOVICA Iron sculpture
    This train engine is built from discarded auto parts sheet metal nuts and screws as well as discarded pieces from a die machine. Once Armando Ramirez builds the locomotive's main frame he uses die pieces to form the boiler. Car bearings are ideal for shaping the train's wheels. Please note it is the artist's intention not to give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • NOVICA Original Iron Statuette Recyled Car Parts Mexico
    Working in his hi-tech office a dentist leans thoughtfully over his patient. Armando Ramirez creates a whimsical sculpture made from recycled bicycle and automobile parts.

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