Credit to Camille for the doll!

No event :) I want to build a relationship with Yas and Ben! But a set with the party story will come soon!


I slipped in the table, drinking my coffee. 

"Hey." I smiled to Ben, feeling a slight awkward-ness.

"Hey Yas." He smiled back, brushing back his hair in an oh so sexy way.

Noora was kissing Theo, and Ara was picking at her toast. It was morning, and I was dreading to go to school. Everyone heard about me kissing Ben, and I seriously wanted to press the delete key on everyone's minds about that incident. Bijou wriggled her eye brows at me in a sarcastic seductive way, a knowing look spread across her face. I narrowed my eyes.

"I have to study for an exam." Ara smiled to me, getting up. "I'll help!" Bijou smiled as well, following her out. Noora and Theo soon got up too, leaving Ben and I alone. The silence between us was painful.


"I-" We both spoke at the same time, cutting eachother off. We stopped, and laughed awkwardly. 

"Um, I was just wondering what you're doing later." Ben smiled at me, playing with his knife in the butter. 

"Are you asking me out, Benjamin Klienfeld?" I laughed, shooting him a playful look.

"I guess I am, Yasmin Rosalie." He laughed.

"Then of course. I would love to." I smiled.

"Tonight. At eight. I'll meet you in front of Billings." He told me, collecting his things. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, Ben." I shot him a smile, as we got up together and walked out the door, bidding eachother good bye with a hug.


I decided on a slim black dress, with these gorgeous sparkly blue pumps. Bijou couldn't stop giggling, and being giddy from me going out with Ben. Noora helped pick out my make up, and Ara fixed my hair. We took a few pictures for memories in the future, I can't help but love the Billing's girls to death.

"Have fun, Yas!" Bijou called after me, and I yelled thanks after her. I felt as happy as Bijou, which is weird, because usually I'm the one bitchingg at her for being too happy. I pushed open the doors of the Billing's house, meeting the eyes of Ben.

"Hey." He smiled, walking towards me. I kissed him on the cheek, as we walked to the exit of Easton.

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