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Through the Eyes of A Child

Do you remember when your were a child and the world was a great big marvelous mystery. Everything was strange new, and grand. There were so many things that simply brought you awe. Do you see that same awe and wonder today in children around you? Because I do. There is this preciousness that all children have, something that really needs to be treasured. Because to them, the world truly is a great and wonderful place, full of excitement, mystery, wonder, and a special magic that only they can find. The goal of this group, is to create sets that show the world as a child would see it. Because of this, please keep it appropriate to all ages, especially little kids, as this group is dedicated to the wonder of children. Art only please, and make sure to show the world through the eyes of a child. Collections of Children Items: Holiday Children- Precious Little Child- Tiny Little Baby-
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