A set based off of the Chapter 16 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's(Philosopher's) Stone.

From falling down a dark hole in the floor into a deadly garden of Devil's Snare to battling it out with a highly intelligent and lethal set of chess, I wanted this to reflect it all. Or at least as best as I could.

For the Snare, I chose this shiny sequin tank whose pattern reminded me well enough of a body wrapped in vines. Thankfully, this one does not come with super squeezing ability, and therefore should not attempt to strangle the life out of you.

The foil feather pullover is meant to be used as outerwear. Not worn over the tank the entire time. It's merely an accessory for when the wearer gets cold; as one is wont to do when trapped 'miles beneath the school' on a thrilling adventure. Do remember to toss it down before you fall, won't you?
Obviously I chose it to represent the Flying Keys. The same goes for the silver necklace. Be on the lookout for the one with the battered wings..
I wanted to make sure, along with wings, I actually got a key in there somewhere. I tried some key necklaces instead of the feather, and I just felt like that was too easy for the rest of the outfit. Then I came across this fabulous key cuff, and knew it was it. I want to own it so bad..

The pants..I looked and looked for a proper checkerboard pair of pants. I found a couple skirts, but they just didn't feel right for the outfit. Then I stumbled upon these crazy striped ones and fell in love. Excuse the fact that they aren't quite a chessboard..For me they represent it perfectly enough, and are in fact much less busy than the plaid I almost went with. Overall just much sleeker for the outfit. 

I did get a bit of checker pattern in there with the bag. At first I didn't think I wanted to have one at all, but then this popped up in an unrelated search and it had to get piled in of course, because I have no self control.

Lack of control aside, I think this might be my favorite set I've done to date.
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