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Firstly i am tagging because you commented on this set (http://www.polyvore.com/khfjdlksjgftusdfkr_led/set?id=81015030) saying you'd be interested in restarting (kinda) GTH in September or something as i put it. So if you are no longer interested well than you do really need to read anymore. 

But if you are still interested or just a little nostalgic .....

I know i said September and that was mainly due to the fact that is when Summer is over in the states (?) and thus they would be back at Brown.

The problem are 
- I know around September a few of you (if not all of you) will be busy. So if i was thinking June or July or whenever it is better for you (So basically opinions?)

- Should it be a prp with just us and any of the other original girls if they are interested or do we open it up to other new people? if we do that they would obviously be freshman.

- Now GTH has always been on real life time so if we did restart earlier they would be in summer. So i have had a suggestion of a summer beach house or something and then if it works out after that go back to uni or we just ignore it and keep them at uni over that time (if you have other suggestions feel free to well suggest.)

- Characters. If we restart you have to the option of either keeping your character or making a new character (just incase you got bored or can longer think of stories for your characters.)

And that is all i can think of right now but feel free to comment on any other things because yeah chrissy loves opinion!
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