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BLOGGY TIME!! *may contain spoilers if you are not caught up on Teen Wolf and Skins: Fire (series 7) and plan to*

1. Well first off, of course like always, I want that outfit. I'm not the biggest fan of rompers, but if they're done right, they can be really cute. And of course those JC leopard print ankle booties! #PERF 
2. I'm loving all the pictures in this set, they fit better together than I expected. If you all don't know, most of the pictures I use in all my sets come from both my blogs, this set included :) I just love Tumblr because it really does give me so much inspo. Should I try Pinterest? Everyone says I should... 
3. I'm FINALLY getting into Catcher In the Rye. It's really good but the writing is very repetitive but I guess that's just how Holden is haha. 
4. I uploaded my MTW playlist on 8tracks! It's about 100 songs shorter than the Depth playlist haha. http://8tracks.com/brunettesilhouette/more-than-words 
5. Speaking of Depth, I've been editing a lot, just starting from the beginning and I'm on chapter 19 right now. I'm not changing anything major, but mostly phrasing, sentence structure, typos, and adding or deleting a few little unnecessary things here and there. Sometimes I'm like "whoa this was actually really good, I remember writing this" and sometimes I'm like "OH GOSH WHY DID I EVER THINK THIS WAS GOOD" ahaha. Such the life of a perfectionist writer I suppose. I don't even know. But heyyy #Beckland 5ever xD 
6. Oh so once I finish editing Depth (at least my first run through of editing, I guess the "second draft") then I'm going to go back to writing Gravity. Originally I told those of you who read Depth and want to read Gravity (Beck's POV prequel-novella thing) that I was just going to post it all at once when it's finished. I'm thinking now, since there are so many new pics of Daniel (thank youuuu Teen Wolf season 3!) I might split it up into parts and post maybe 5-10 chapters at a time. Not sure yet, but probably. That way I'll make more than just one Gravity set. And I may make a collection. What do you guys (who will be reading it) think? 
7. OKAY SO SPEAKING OF TEEN WOLF... I AM SO DONE WITH THIS SHOW WHAT THE HECK LIKE WHY DOES ISAAC KEEP HAVING FLASHBACKS OF HIS EVIL FATHER?! The freaking closet scene with Allison and then when Derek throws the glass at Isaac and then he goes to Scott's house in the rain (mmmm he was all wet and I just can't) and then him beating up Ethan and NOOOO NOT OKAY. I am like dying here, way too many feels. I love Stiles to death but this season so far he hasn't had much of a story arc and I mean Daniel is Isaac and his storyline and his acting and HIM and I am not going to be okay after tomorrow's episode... Also I love Lydia a lot more this season. And her outfits are perfect. The twins are eh I really don't think they're that attractive... Scott is adorable and he is SO Isaac's alpha like omg he's the only one who can calm him down and just total bromance too ahaha this part of the show was great: http://25.media.tumblr.com/70092dcc175c00714bdc6d79acd032fd/tumblr_mphbuzzmXp1qldi7zo1_250.gif and okay anyway I love season 3 so far, it's so good. I have too many feels. GAHHH. Tagging my fellow Teen Wolf addicts: @ohofkors @lostinsuburbia aH WHO ELSE WATCHES IT?!
8. ANDDDD my phone lock screen is Isaac (Daniel) with the wet shirt from the rain, standing in Scott's doorway <33
9. So Bastille, one of my new favorite bands, doesn't have their album on american iTunes so I might buy it off their site, but I did find this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auf3Cwn3aMs
10. Also thank you YouTube for the first part of Skins: Fire because it wouldn't let me watch it on the 4oD site because I live in the US :(
11. Well what did you guys think? I really loved it because I always love the cinematography of Skins and Kaya of course was freaking stunning and perfect. I liked the London atmosphere and Naomi was funny, but the whole Effy storyline so far is just kinda like... What happened in the past 2-3 years? Like, what happened to her mental disorder? And I can see her moving on and getting better and getting this awesome job, but I don't know. I loved the episode but it really is so different from old Skins. And what's up with her boss looking like Freddie?! And that one minor character being named Freddie?! Are they going to even address Freddie?!! AGHHH SKINS WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME... And Naomi having cancer? Not okay at all. This show man. It's like my favorite, but I can't even. Are you excited for the rest of series 7 @elsewhere69? 
12. I saw The Internship at the drive-in on Friday, mostly for Dylan O'Brien ahaha. It was good. Dylan was great, of course. 
13. Man of Steel though... NOW THAT'S A MOVIE. I am not over Henry Cavill being Superman at all. He was too perfect. Everyone was perfect, really. 
14. COLORADO WAS REALLY FUN BTW. We did a lot of shopping, sight-seeing, tubing in the Yampa River, seeing The Dunwells, driving up Mt. Evans in the rain... It was a really nice vacation and I can't wait to go back again in a few years! :)
15. I love this gif so much and you should too: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbfz3onLVX1ra8x1ao1_r1_500.gif
16. The new Glamour magazine with the boys and RHW is amazing. 
17. Exactly 2 months until I see Mumford & Sons <333
18. Still not over feels. From everything, mostly fictional things. Life of a fangirl--it's hard. 
19. I have an Oasis CD stuck in my laptop which sucks because I have to take it to the Apple store sometime this week because my brother and I tried everything and it still won't come out. I have Apple care (and haven't had it a year yet) so they shouldn't charge me, but I don't know why it happened :/ 
20. I have to get my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks. Not looking forward to it. I really hope I'm not one of those people who acts really weird afterwards and says a lot of random weird funny things. If I do, my dad will probably get it on tape. #joy 

I don't know what else to say and I'll probably think of stuff later, but for now, everyone have a lovely week and thank you so much if you read all of that! :)) Hopefully it didn't bore you xP Tagging a few people that I haven't already tagged that might want to read this: @istylista @diegolohve @hortensie @ashley-rebecca @hijabikebabi @the-importance-of-being @hannah-grace @frenchkitty @bestdressx @sophiaspastic 

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