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cordova academy of sorcery;
ophelia redcliff

October 31st 
All Hallows Eve is a notoriously mischievous day at Cordova, and with jinxes and hexes bouncing around every corner, it’s hardly surprising that this day has often been used as an excuse to settle up old scores between feuding pupils. Not unexpectedly the most targeted students appear to belong to Glacias but that doesn’t mean you won’t get caught in the crossfire...keep your wand at hand and your counter-spells prepared as things can get a little dangerous and you don’t want to be spending the night in the hospital wing now, do you./The chaotic date is traditionally concluded with a feast in the hall at 7pm sharp but be sure to fill your stomachs as the real crescendo will be kicking off in just a few short hours...Vans Halloween Hellraiser. The party is due to start in the forest at 11, costumes are a must and with plenty lilybane and firewhiskey going round just about anything could happen. (including sadie @shedefiesreality)

Halloween had always been one of my favourite day, since when i was a child back in my family manor in vegas and that was a lot to say, since i hated, mostly, every day of the year. it was hard to say why, exactly, but i did enjoy the atmosphere and the creepy rituals in general and above all, i loved halloween in cordova when it meant being a good glacias and, legally, a bad girl.

unluckily, the tradition was against our house and i, personally, decided to honour halloween with a series of nasty tricks, the Wesley twins could be proud of me of. fainting fancies, fever fudge, nosebleed nougat and puking pastilles passed off as harmless candies to first year kids had made me awkwardly happy even though, after a few hours of laughing behind the poor green-faced boys' back, i was bored to death and up to some drunkish fun at the vans halloween hellraiser. 

i walked back to my dormitor to find something to dress up with, giving some last bad glances around, when i spotted sadie vanderville in a corner shielding herself from Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs somebody had threw upon her. 'go away' i barked to a sixth year glacias, who opened his eyes wide at me before putting his wand back into his hand-made trouserse and walking away. i tried to use a vanish spell on the fireworks, before realizing that they were multipling now. 'we should run' i grabbed sadie's by her elbow, making ourselves a way through the corridor 'till the stairs and down them.

'thank you' sadie muttered, with a cute smile on her lips as soon as we entered the pumpkin-full, orange lighted dinner-hall. 'it's ok' i turned to look at her, one of the few people who actually liked me enough in this school. not very usual in my case. 'are you coming to the party tonight?' i asked, while we walked through the crowded room, attiring a few questioning glances since she was an exuro, not a glacias favourite company. 'i think so. are you?' i nodded, 'i totally need a drink......and i'm not talking about nettle teat' she giggled, tossing her hair back and patting me lightly on a shoulder.

'i'm starving' i addressed to a huge lamb chop waiting for me at my house table. 'you better go then' she winked before leaving me and walking to the other exuros. i scanned her table fastly, meeting leon's eyes. the dark-haired boy gestured me, with his usual wide smile and i nodded to him as a greeting before sitting with my back to him and taking a huge piece of meat in my mouth, with a sigh of pleasure.


a second glass of firewhiskey went down my throat, giving me a welcome burning dizziness. the loud music was throbbing in my head and the forest was too dark to really see other people's face, even if i had been sober enough to recognize them. 'hey there' i heard a deep voice waking me, as much as it could, from my daze. i turned to leon, who had clearly recognized me even behind the mask that covered my face, smirking to him and offering him my already full glass. 'merlin only knows hom much i like whiskey' he laughed, taking it and i stopped to gaze at his handsome face and even more handsome body, wrapped in a ripped, zombie-ish light t-shirt even thought the wind blew harshly on us. he sipped it slowly, looking at me through his lashes, 'have i some dirt on my nose?' he asked, passing a free hand upon his face and rubbing his cheeks like a child. 

'nope' i muttered, thanking the darkness for hiding my cheeks now red in embarassment. he gave me a quizical half-smile, reading my lips since the music was deafening and holding me back the glass, filling it again. 'okay'. i shrugged, gulping down the whole content and cleaning my mouth with the back of my hand. my head spinned furiously, making me unable to say something clearly or stand firmly on my heels. 'slow down, champ-' he grinned, taking the glass from my hands and placing it on a table, next to him. he then offered me his hand, 'what?' i drunkenly asked, while he grabbed my arm, pushing me to the arranged dance floor in the middle of a glade where everybody else was already. 'no' i stated, trying to free myself from his dancing embrace but ending up stumbling on his feet. 'i'm not going to let you have fun of me, showing the world my dancing handicap' he burst out in a big laugh, tightening the grip on my hips and rocking our bodies slowly even though around us students of all ages where going wild for celestina warbeck's new single. 

'morgan, this song is so good' he said loudly after a couple of minutes in silence, while i tried to keep a straight face even though i had been killing him with my dancing skills since the beginning of the song. the music had changed to an old tune my father used to listen daily back when he was alive: 'this is the night' by the weird sisters, a real must back in the 80's. i nodded, tossing my head back and moving it, following the melody, 'Your hands are shaking baby/You ain’t been sleeping lately/There’s something out there/And it don’t seem very friendly does it?'. leon looked at me impressed, while i sang softly in his ear, totally at ease thanks to the amount of whiskey i had drank. 'you are not the devil everybody pictures you as' he whispered, closer to my ear, smirking and rocking his body with mine. i raised a brow, elbowing him between his ribs and spinning around him 'i am actually' i placed my hand around his neck, raising on the tips of the feet to purr into his ear, with a malicious smile. 'i am, believe me. just not tonight.'
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