{THS} "Sissi" Falkenrath-Angelo's style and wardrobe




Name: Elisabeth Catherine Amelia Marie Valerie Falkenrath-Angelo

Nicknames: Sissi, Cathy, Mia, Val, Angel

Age: 17

Model: Cara Delevingne

Hometown: Verona,Italy and Salzburg,Germany
Style: She wears what is look good on her and matches the actual scene or her mood. But the clothes have to be stylish, fashionable, exlusive and has to cost lots lots of money...

Personality: talented, crazy, has very high standards and expectations, loyal, good friend, stubborn, a little unorganized, "atrist", has a lots of ambition, determined, sassy, firey, happy and statisifed on the surface, has a unique way in how to see the world, "fighter", sometimes too moody. And under the surface, the truth: depressed, feeling all alone, broken, sercetive, antisocial, trustless, in pain, unstatisfied


Bio: Ambition, ambition ambition... That was what Sissi always had to have. She comes from an italian family from her father's and a german family from her mother's side. She knew from since she can walk and talk that she wants to be a musical actress, but her family thought it in an other way... She is an only child, so her parents wantet and want her to be the part of the elites, with diplomes, perfect background, prefect work, perfect life... and being a musical actress, not going onto university, maybe leaving the elite society for acting... that is just not acceptable! Especially for Sissi's mother who is very proud, because her ancestors are real nobels: she is the descendant of one of the two illegitimate daughters of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria, who was also the the father of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. That is why Sissi has such a long name, her mother thought long names are sound very noble. Elisabeth of course after Empress Elisabeth, Marie Valerie after one of Elisabeth's daughters, Amelia and Catherine after her paternal grandmother and paternal great grandmother, because her father wanted something too. Sissi wears both of her parents surnames because her mother wanted her child has her name, but Sissi's father didn't want to agree with this, so they found a "solution", which was good for both of them. Sissi's father is the head of a famous Italian private hospital - family business -, a very talented and awfully rich plastic surgeon, comes from a family of medical doctors, lawyers and tradesmen, and he wants her daughter to pick up the family line and be a doctor or a lawyer. Since she born, Sissi spent half year with her father's big and noisy italian family in Verona, and half year with her mother's elite and snob family in Salzburg, and the result of that, she is speaking italian and german as a mother tongue. She always had nannies and au pairs around in Salzburg, plus had many private lessons, that was where she learnt to dance, sing, to play on the piano, on the violin and the french and the english langugages perfectly. She often went onto hunts with her uncles and her cousin, so she is very great at horse riding and shooting.

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