june 10 - an outrageous thunder storm hit us today, so the beach isn't exactly an option. instead, you can spend the day at home watching old tv shows from when you were a kid or catching up in that novel you've been trying to finish reading. (free day)

"Nah bro. The hook just ain't catchin if you know what I mean. Try bringing the bass out a little more." I was sitting in front of my MacBook, using skype and garageband to lay down some beats with my bro from back home. We had been trying to get our fledgling Schwayze-meets-Chiddy Bang-meets- The Roots-meets-A Tribe Called Quest sound off the ground. And we had just booked a gig at a club in the city when I got the news we'd be moving.
So here we were, trying to lay down a demo 7,000 miles away from each other.
"How about this?" Suddenly some Vampire Weekend sounding stuff started playing and Chris busted out laughing. "Thats the sort of stuff you gon' have to get into out there!" I let out a small laugh.
"Shut up, bro. Ain't nothing changed just because I'm in a different city."
"Man, I don't know how you're doing it. Unless there's some bangin surfer chicks out there." He raised his eyebrows. "I heard athletes are the wildest types."
I thought about it. I mean, one thing Kitty Hawk didn't have a shortage of was fine women. But I wasn't interested in the girls around here. They weren't really my type.
"Is that all you can think about?"
"That used to be all YOU thought about. That place is changing you, man." Chris looked right at the camera and shook his head.
"Whatever, Chris. I gotta go." I clicked off and shut the screen. I looked up just as my little sister ran into the room. I had managed to forget that day camp got cancelled because of the storms and she was here.
"Hi JJ. Whatareyoudoing?" All of her words seemed to blend together. Kylen just turned five last month and still had the innocence of any small child. It was nice to have someone around that wasn't acutely aware of every little thing.
"Nothing, Ky. Just about to make some lunch. You hungry?" I scooped her up in my arms and sat her on my shoulders.
"Peanut butter and jelly, please!" She played some sort of beat on the top of my head. I knew she was bound to be a musician too. 
"Alright kid. But you can't use my head as your personal drumset." I smiled and lowered her to the ground. I noticed that she had stopped playing around and was looking at me with a frown on her face. "Whats wrong, little bit?"
"JJ, youstopyellingallthetime." I looked at her and she continued. "Youandmommyarealwaysfighting. Idon'tlikeit."
"You and mommy fight everyday. I hate it more than eating vegetables."
"Okay squirt." I rubbed the top of her head and went back to making lunch.
"I mean it, JJ." She put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips. Looking just like her mama. "This is our house now."

I had managed to let down so many people for so long. My sister, my mother, my ex girlfriend... Myself. But now I had a chance to change something. To make things better and make people happier. And thats what I planned on doing.

-jj brown.
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