I was in a satirical mood last night, and hence it brought this collection: http://www.polyvore.com/color_fuck_that_noise_im/collection?id=1521962
But now I'm just cranky.

And I'm going to b*tch about Lana Del Rey for a second because she's tacky and I hate her.

It all started when everyone on tumblr decided she was new Du Jour [get it, it's a reference to a terrible movie about an evil plot to brainwash the youth of America through popular culture, thwarted by a trio of megafoxyawesomehot rock stars. Heehee.] Then I heard the first five seconds on her song because I was browsing one of those obnoxious blogs with music that starts playing on it whether you want to or not, and I was like, what is this droning crap?
So I looked her up.
Now, listening to the Adelle song below is what got me cranky. I actually don't dislike Adelle. Not my kind of music, but she has a good strong voice. So good for her.
This article on LDR was all doing that a 'blankier blank', and of those was, 'or dare we say, a skinnier Adelle' as if her skinniness made her the superior artist. So I stopped reading.
Then, at work, her song Diet Mountain Dew is on the latest CD, which means I get to her her drone three times a day! Yes. I also listened to the lyrics and she always seems to be doning about abusive relationships. Like 'You're no good for me but I waaaant you'. Ugh. I hate these women.
THEN, to top it all off, back on tumblr, someone posted before and after pictures of her, meaning b*tch had cosmetic surgery. So, thusly, being adamantly against cosmetic surgery in a mildly obsessive and very conservative way, I gagged a little and decided I disliked this chick very much.
Not to mention she has the up state new york spoiled white girl air about her.
Also did I mention droning is not singing?
And don't cite Kurt Cobain as your influence, b*tch, you are nothing like Cobain.

Have a good day. 

Actually, before you hate me for ever, look what dorky shenanigans I did last night:
MY SORTING HAT-INATOR! http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3ggo4e6C31qad63so1_1280.jpg
Heh heh.
I can explain my choices if you need.

This audition is finally finished. =]

Name: Emma VanderHouf
Nickname: Emma goes by Emma, but has been called Houfing Pants by her less kind peers.
Age: 17
Element: Water
Circle: Phyru
Song: Chasing Pavements by Adele
Word: Lypophrenia
Quote:"I never confused what I had with what I was."

Good Qualities: Above average intelligence, friendly if a bit introverted, loyal to her friends, artistic and scientific.
Bad Qualities: Superiority complex, only child syndrome, anxious & neurotic, realistic to the point of fault, fiesty and stubborn.

Bio:Emma used to be able to fall in love. She was alive with it, at a young and fantastically imaginative age, when she would run barefoot through the woods near her home [a slightly ramshackle, but large old tudor style lodge in the rural wildflowering fields of Scotland] blessing every living thing. She was raised, however, through a certain degree of etiquette, and though her parents encouraged curiosity, they were both scientists [a botanist, a biologist] and preferred to concentrate on the naturally occurring, that of which could be supported by findings and fact. Home schooled until 14, Emma didn’t know many people her own age, and matured quickly. But when, at 15, she asked, earnestly and politely, to be put in an exchange program to Venice, Italy, her parents agreed it would be a good experience for her. In Venice she developed a hopeless crush on the host’s family 19 year old son, who treated her as a younger sister--she mistook it for infatuation. Three nights before she was due to go home, she admitted her feelings to rejection, and felt horrible the rest of the trip. Not for rejection, but for the shame that she let herself believe in love again, that she was foolish enough to fall victim to it. Between the lovesickness, Italy also developed Emma’s fascination for anatomy, prompted by a book of Da Vinci’s sketches. To keep her mind occupied, Emma shut herself away in her room for a month after returning to Scotland and dissected and drew small dead animals she ordered on the internet. It was the letter from the Board of Marseille Dupont Lycée that pulled her out again, and Emma was once again packing and set off for France, confused as to the reasons behind it, but prepared to dissect it all.

Likes: Receiving top marks, English Breakfast tea that’s blacker than black, the chameleon she recently rescued and named Finnick, neo-classic paintings, that still moment just before the sun rises, wit, the shape of the clavicle, zygomatic arches especially on pretty boys, her family roots [she can date her name back to the 1100s on her mom’s Scottish side, the 1400s on her fathers German side.], shooting apples off the heads of the insolent, and lacy underthings.

Dislikes: Rom-com movies especially American ones, stupid people who make poor decisions, milk in her tea, Haggis, thunderstorms, heels, worms, and faeries [she has fear stemming from childhood stories her grandfather told her.]

Hobbies: Watercolor paintings [mostly portraits], archery, anatomy/physiology research, reading old romance novels.

Quirks/Bad Habits: Often mutters under her breath, walks on her tip-toes, brushes her teeth after ever meal, and picks at her skin much too often.

Style: Emma generally dresses in a classically conservative preppy manor, occasionally incorporating quirky or romantic details. When she’s ‘dressing down’ you’ll find her in the almost tomboyish attire of Ivy League College loungewear. When Emma starts to undo that very top button, underneath this studious exterior you’ll find a much frillier and less practical affair.

Model: Lily Cole
[LILY COLE. Have I ever mentioned she was my first favorite model. I was never a fan of Gemma Ward. Actually I used to be violently against her for some reason...I’ve mellowed but...She's just so vapid and flat looking most the time. But Lily I've always loved. And have never really used her in a roleplay, funnily enough.]

1. Where are you from and who do you live with when you're not dorming at school (Holidays, breaks, summer)?
-I hail from a rural area of Scotland, where my parents still live together under the wood frame roof of a very nearly decrepit old summer mansion that probably belonged to a drunken Duke of something once. I, however, am searching for a new place in the world.

2. What is your favorite subject at school and why? (see the information collection for the courses the girls will be taking)
-Well I’m delighted to finally be taking Human Physiology this year. I plan to impress the professor with a personal project of mine, a book muscle networks and how it’s connected to the nervous system with full color renderings. It’s quite pretty.
I am also once again on Mock Trial, where I will be keeping my position as defense lawyer. Marseilles will be at nationals.

3. Generally what kind of people are you friends with? (popular, artsy, smart, chill, partiers etc)
-As I’m taking all the top honors classes this year, my social circle tends to lend itself to those who share the same plights of class work with me. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, I prefer solitary work, but if people present themselves to me I’m always friendly, and so long as they’re smart, dedicated, and not completely flighty or dumb [I can’t stand teen ‘rebels’ who try too hard. I found a few here, we are not friends. Thus I don’t get invited to parties.]. The artsy kids I take Art II with don’t seem to fit in with me, my artistic aspirations are much too clinical for their imaginative tastes and frankly mediocre talent. I don’t get invited to their parties either.

4. How do you feel about the school? Did you want to come or were you forced by your parents?
-I wouldn’t say I was forced, merely coaxed. I had only just gotten back from being away from home for six months, and so the feeling of leaving my family and what was familiar to me yet again churrned my insides well enough. But I also recognized there was something fantastic about what was happening. I sliver of me wanted to know--why me, why now? This is my second year returning, however, and I found this year I looked forward to leaving home, couldn’t wait to be back in France discovering, and this might sound ridiculous, my place in the world.

-out of character-

5. How did you interpret the song, word, and quote and how did you apply it to your character?
-I was mostly prompted by the word, meaning an unexplained sadness. I wanted to protray Emma as on the surface cold and calculating and a bit hotheaded, but underneath more of a sad, old soul who had probably lost something and was stifled because of it. The quote to me seems then like something she would say to try and keep herself strong. I listened to the song, and it felt like one of those unreciprocated love stories, so hence the romance aspect came into play. I also used a song of my own, Sweet, Sweet by the Smashing Pumpkins, to fuel more inspiration and to captured the overall feeling of melancholy.

English: American Literature II (Honors)
Science: Human Physiology (Honors)
Math:Calc (Honors)
History: American History II

- Equestrian Training
- Art II
- Private Instrumental Lessons (Cello) [Emma is pretty deadful at it.]
- Psychology

Top Three Characters:
1. Emma VanderHouf
2. Claire Oscars
3. Blake Covington
3. Grace-Anne Periera
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