I love this song to bits and pieces. One of the many thing my dad and I have in common is that we like Coldplay.
For BOTDU, I had to make a set with vibrant colors and based on art/painting things.
I missed the part about vibrant colors. Oh well, eliminate me. I'm trying to finish off all my groups without dropping out of them.
I have a thing for pictures and fillers of art supplies and minerals. Really. So basically, I had a great time making this set. I was really pleased when I got that theme. 
Ahh, I am almost, ALMOST done with my drawing! Maybe I'll finish it before Mom gets home and maybe put it up on Flickr... I'm so happy with the way it turned out! I used the pencils and sketchbook I got from Jake for my birthday. The pencils are woodless, and made completely out of lacquer. Unfortunately, since I've dropped the case so many times, almost half of my pencils are in 2 or 3 or even 4 pieces. And they sharpen, but it's awkward to sharpen. Even then, I still love them. And my sketchbook is like a real sketchbook. I have one for school assignments (studio art), but it's falling apart and all of the paper falls out of it. I'm running out of paper, and I really don't want to have to use my new sketchbook for homework assignments next year when I take Drawing E. Oh well :(
I wish they had better electives in 9th grade. I'm not taking any electives other than Drawing because they're all so boring, and my mom thinks that AP World History is too much combined with my other classes. 
I think my friends would like me to give them a break. With the academic parts, of course. They know I'm the smarty-pants nerd and I'm always in the advanced classes, but before, there was no advanced social studies, right? So we were at least all on the same level there. Now that there is, and I've gotten into it (AP, no less, since there is an honors class), they're a bit sick of it. I think they'd like me to be a little bit dumber, so to say. But where I'm smart in academics, I'm dumb with street smarts. I didn't even know what 4/20 was (and could you imagine not knowing what 4/20 meant and being on Tumblr the whole day, where people blogged and reblogged nothing BUT 4/20 stuff? I learned quickly enough) and really, I just never know the right thing to say. I'm not witty. I have lame comebacks. But over the Internet, it's even worse, because no one (but Miranda) knows me in real life, so they don't know that I can come up with some good comebacks and they don't know just how... well, quirky I am in real life.
I try to be true to myself, Internet or not, but sometimes I have to exaggerate or lie to keep others happy. Other times, I sugarcoat things when I really must say what I think (and that is often).
I got an anon question on Tumblr and it asked me: "Who's your best friend on Polyvore?"
Well, I didn't answer it because it was Tumblr, and most people on Tumblr don't know what Polyvore is. So I'll answer it here, and hope that they see this.
I don't have a best friend, really. I had a few, I suppose. My first best friend was Emma. I would go on sometimes in the morning on my dad's laptop just to see if I got a message from her. We moderated a group together (I left), but by January, she left. Then I had another one, and we also moderated a group together (I left that one as well) and she left. I think I had another best friend, but I can't quite remember who it was. Now, I just don't have one. People leave. I'm going to start slowing down my activity on here. But if I had to pick, I guess I would have to say that Kelly would be my best friend here. I'm a horrid corresponder, but she is honestly one of the truest, kindest, and most insightful people you'll ever meet. She's also quite funny and very talented, if you haven't seen her sets or photography or artwork. I guess, I talk(ed) to a few people now (or in the past), but I can't really be expected to keep up a correspondence on the Internet, you know? I guess I've changed. Before, I was kind of carefree and silly and random and fun to talk to, and now I'm just serious and quiet and awkward and all business-like. I still try to be my old self, but it's so hard to be. 
Two nights ago, my dad heard some mysterious beeping sound and thought it was my phone. I didn't hear a single thing. He made me look for this damned sound anyways until 11:30 at freaking night and even then, it was only because I had to go to bed (I was tired). THERE WAS NO SOUND UPSTAIRS AND IT SURE AS HELL WASN'T MY PHONE BECAUSE IT WASN'T UPSTAIRS, DAMN IT. And he never admitted he was wrong.
My sister and her friend are coming downstairs, so I think I have to finish this now. Bye for now.
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