This one started out with four distinct pink moons. I immediately got Four of Pentacles (or sometimes called "Coins," representing money and other earthly things) from it. That card, like all the cards--and everything--has a positive and a negative side. It can be about financial security or, in this case, it can be about holding on real tight to things--people, patterns or situations. Like a miser holds onto his money, like we often hold onto spouses, partners, etc. that we need to release, old patterns that keep us living miserable lives...

The Moon's positive side is about intuition, emotion and potent creative energy. The not-so-good side is about fear. You can think of it like "being lost" on a dimly moonlit path, frightened about what might lurk in the dark areas. We cling (4 of Pents) because we fear that unknown, those dark places.

Today is 12-12-12. The number 12 is on the Hanged Man card (it is akin to and has the same symbolism as a crucifixion..."sacrifice"), and the Bat totem strongly aligns with that card's message. A message about releasing or "letting go" ... a need to find peace. (Also "forgiveness," a need to release that negative energy toward oneself/another.) 

The Dragonfly is about balance, and that's what brings us peace. Often when I place timepieces on my sets (collage), without even noticing, I'll discover after the fact, that the time on it is 10:10 (you can see it in many of my previous sets). The number 9 represents completion, consequently the 10 means one too many, or too much..."over the top." This is reflected in the cards that have 10 on them. Like the 10 of Wands is usually an image of a guy carrying a big pack on his back--too big, back-breaking. It often represents someone taking on too much, overwhelm... 

The top clock here is about a minute passed 10:10, but the other clock is interestingly different. The numbers are the same, but the hands are switched. Instead of 10:10, it's 2:50. That equals 7, a number representing choices. Time to choose. Let go or keep choking your life with those awful patterns that hold you back from living a healthy, happy life. To get/manifest something better, we must sacrifice. That sounds all ominous or requiring suffering, but it's not some sort of divine punishment, it's simply a natural, logical thing. You can't have an empty belly AND a full belly--you have to choose. You have to let go of one of them. There's no way around that. 

Change (butterfly totem) requires "sacrifice"--letting go of the old...the old way, the old way of thinking/believing, the old patterns, the old situation, the old "thing" that is standing in the spot where you want the new thing. The new thing won't bump off the old thing--that's our choice to make. Cling miserably to the old, or release the fear of nothingness that awakens the new...because that moment, that void (like an empty womb) must be there for the new to arrive. We have to find peace with that void, that not-having, that nothingness, with "what is," to manifest that new and more desired thing. Because that new and wonderful thing will also not arrive while fear is that "womb."

12-12-12 is a potent message that we need to find peace.

Dove Star

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