I was tagged by @thefrenchfashionista @limabean-347 I forgot some tagged ,i was tagged a lot sorry.

- Write 25 facts about yourself, you can really write whatever you want!
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1.Asian,mixed races,Japanese ,youngest child living in Tokyo
2.Studying Structural and Architecture design of Engineering Fac.
3.I’m a baseball player pitcher position,Youth League
4.I’ve interests in extreme sport like formula car racing 
5.I love my naughty boy cats
6.I’m collecting perfume,sneakers and sanrio item 
6.My favorite colors are white,orange ,coral and black
7.Totally addicted to matcha green tea,chocolate all kind of sweet dessert 
8.I can speak well in 3 language and learn another language like Italian, from my mixed parents and only a little for Russian&Thai don't expect for my writing
9.My fab brands i've so many likes McQueen,Givenchy,Marc Jacobs,Balmain,A bathing ape &Comme des
10.I’ve phobia about snake and lake/water fall coz I can’t swim
11.Addicting to detective,horror stories
12.If I’ve free time eating and sleeping are come first
13.I’ve a weird habit by touch my lip when I’m really nervous
14.I dislike all kind girly and too much sexy idw to see girl proud to show their body in the public
15.If I describe My fashion style is a chic urban,boyish mixed with little grunge ,picture to Ashley Olsen that actually so closed
16.Favorite season is Spring
17.I’m a K-pop fan YG family all the way [is an obviously ppl knew it]
18.i’m not made friend with new ppl an easy
19.I think I’m really bipolar sometime I talkative sometime I’m closed 
20.My grandma who is designer had influenced me about how to designing cloth for my cloth store
21.My precious dream job when I was a kid is a Police thoughts i watching that much detective movies haha<3
22.I don’t really have an idol for style,I only do like them likes Olivia Palermo,Jessica Alba,CL but not lets them influence my style
23.All time favorite American T.V series is Prison break also slightly influencing me for being Structural Engineer Designer,his character is brilliant 
24.I’ve plan to design my own house after I graduated for all step start with design,build,decor till finish
25.Me and @stephaniee90 with 2 our friends have own cloth store in Tokyo
Hehe if you come to Tokyo don’t miss to visit my store not a Cawaii style nor high fashion ~~

I tag: @stephaniee90 @color-me-red @giko-is-giantsister @elske88 @diegolohve @sisistyle

Idw to tag more will made my set invisible,also i just put random tag so no need to respond if you already done &don't want to do.
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