so im writing a fanfiction for ten inch hero. i will be posting it here and on i will be puting my profile link here later!! uhh its called one and stuff so yea. woot!

It has been 1 year. One year since the shooting. One year since the pregnancy. One year since the marriage. One year since the death of a co-worker. One year since everyone and everything has changed for the employees at the Santa Cruz Beach City Grill. Who knew?

One Year Ago
 It was a day like any other. Warm, dry, and humid. That was a day in Santa Cruz, California weather. Five friends stood in the Beach City Grill. A waiting for the customers of the only sub shop in Santa Cruz, to pile in. One was a man who bought the place when he was 34, hoping to bring peace to this God for saken world. He looked somewhat of your average man, yet the only difference was he was a war hero turned hippie. Well people thought of him as a hero but he saw hiself as a killer. One who could kill you before you knew it. No one at the Beach City Grill knew this and he liked it that way. His name is Gordon, Gordon Hancock, but at Beach City Grill they knew him as Trucker. Trucker was in love with the spiritual, nice woman at the shop across the street, Zo. He finally confessed his love for her when she told him that she went to high school with him. They soon got married afterwards.
 Then there was a girl who could get any guy with just one breath. Her fiery redish brown hair was on her shoulders. Only covering the scars of previous, abusive boyfriends. One of them being the man who shed the light on her true love. Her true love saved her from this evil man and she thanks him everyday. Before she met him, she would be going out with a new guy every night. Not one of them ever pleasing her like he did. Her name is Tish. Well more like Platisha Madison. 
 Who can not forget the one and only Boaz Priestly, or as his friends call him, Priestly. Priestly is no one has ever seen before. A man who has a different hair color everyday. One who wears the most ubscene shirts. One who has more artificial holes then real ones. You can't find another like him, unless you are some kinda of freaky deaky scientist who clones people. Priestly has been in love once and is still in love. Her skin is just the right shade, her laugh sounds like angels cheering, her hair, oh her hair is the perfect combonation of red and brown. He must be the luckiest man alive.
 Then there is the shy and caring, Jen. Jen only moved to Santa Cruz to find happiness. Her parents left her abandon on the footsteps of a New York orphanage. Her hair used to be long, blonde, and beautiful until her 24th pair of foster parents cut it to the point where she couldnt brush it. When she moved to Santa Cruz when she was 19, the first thing she did was walk into a little sub shop with zero customers. There she met Trucker and Trucker was like a father to her. A father she never had. Once more employees came into the picture, she took her knowledge for computers and made a website so people could make orders online. Also, if fuzzy22 came on she would know it. Fuzzy is a guy she met online, well at least she hopes it is a guy. 
 And then there is Piper. Piper came to Santa Cruz for one thing, and one thing only. To meet her daughter she gave up when she was only fifteen. Her mother made her, she didnt want to. The mother of her child told her she would keep in touch, and she did until Julia, that was her childs name, was two. It has been 6 years since she last heard about Julia, until she found an article of artistic kids, which Piper is artistic herself, and he name was Julia, 8 years old, and has the sam features. She grew close to the family before she came clean to only find out that Julia wasn't her child. Noah, Julias father, at first felt being used but realized he loved her too much to lose her, so she was then accepted by the family and Noah and her have been dating ever since.
 And finally there's me. I moved to Santa Cruz to get away from all the drama in my life. Im only 17 and I have been living on my own since I was 15. My parents abused me, I had a miscarriage, and I was accused of armed robbery. I never went to jail but I did actually do it. It was out of desperation and I didnt have any money. I had a pocket knife and I accidenly cut the person I was robbing. I didnt go to jail because my lawyer made a deal that I had to move to a new town and get a job. So now Im out looking for one. Wish me luck.

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cool thanks

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thats it.

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Sounds cool...I love the start....what's the link to your fanfic page?....
I'm writing a TiH fanfic too....i haven't posted it yet...but i post on Fanfiction...i have supernatural ones on there though if you wana have a look, and keep an eye out for my TiH one....the link is on my profile page

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