Hey ! It's me again (: , Emma of course (;
I keep and write in a diary I've went through about four in one year;*

1' what to write (;
-lists ! Kdieidjdobr, omg. I'm such a list person, my diary is full of lists!
-doodles, sketches, drawings, whatever(;
-notes to your future children, I do this a lot (;
-what tips you're gonna do ! I have a long list in my diary of upcoming tips (; of coursE, it would help to have someone else to help with tipping, hint hint , AUDITION!

2. WHAT does your diary look like ?
There are a variety of different diaries to choose from. Notebooks can be big, small, thick, thin, cloth, leather, colorful, dark... The list goes on ! Just get one that expresses Y O U(; mine now is a smallish, (like 5x9) , medium thickness, green with a white flower(; if you are on a tight budget, or you can't find a cute one, you can gget a plain one and paint, marker, and sticker it up (;

3. Where to keep it (;
Zomg, what if your annoying brother FOUND YOUR FREAKING DIARY:o so keep it in a hidden place! Here are some suggestions;
-under your pillow
-behind your T.v
-under a floorboard
-in a purse you don't use anymore
-a neglected shoe box
-under your bed

4.why you should keep a diary(;
Omg memories! I spent like an hour reading an old diary of mine (;
And when my kids get older, I totes want to show them !
To let your feelings out (;

5. What to do with it when your done (;
BURN IT(; lol jk(;
Just basically put it away in one of the above hiding places. (;

Love , emma;*
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