✰1.Tim McGraw

(1) Must contain lyrics, album covers, *OR* music vid pics *BUT DOES NEED ALL* (2) For this one, I'll let you use a pic of Time McGraw (lol) only if you use lyrics as well (3) I think we had an issue with this last time, *YOUR SETS DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEW* if you've already made a set that meets the requirement, *YOU CAN ENTER IT* I'd like to get more entries this time, and now that that's understood, I think it will be easier (4) The contest will last one week. (5) No limit. (6) 5 winners (7) Prizes: 1st- 30 faves, name next to song in group info, winning set placed in collection; 2nd- 20 faves; 3rd- 10 faves; 4th&5th- 5 faves

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