"Excuse me!" I shouted, startled by the fact that my face was now planted into the shoulder of a person passing by.
The person stepped back. "Wow - I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." He said in a thick American accent.

I scowled; clutching my nose which now felt double its orignal size. The guy in front of me had his arms crossed over his bare chest and a crop of short hair on his head. He had one eyebrow lifted and rocked back on one foot. His overall appearance annoyed me. If I could be wearing Chanel jewellery and make-up, couldn't he at least wear a shirt?

"Well you did. You should watch where you are going." I hissed.
"Ok - no need to be rude. I said I was sorry." He frowned and walked off while getting laughed at by three other guys he was with. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and sauntered down the road, my heels clicking. It felt nice to be away from such a fool.

"Ah sh*t!" I heard a cry from behind me in the same accent as before. I turned around at the out-burst. You don't just swear on the street in the middle of Chelsea! "I forgot my wallet."
"Well go get it dumbass." another of the men, clad in chequered shirt and beanie hat that looked like it came from the floors of Primark, replied laughing along with his friend with legs of a gazelle's.
The shirtless man rolled his eyes. "Wait here a sec then."

He jogged back down the street as I turned and began walking again. I pulled out my iPhone and began tapping out a text to Caroline to ask her if we could meet up for tea in the Ritz. She replied moments later with a 'Of course darling. x'. I smiled slightly and slipped the phone back into the pocket of my shorts.

I managed to almost reach the doors of some trashy coffee shop when someone slammed into my side once again.
I turned around, my attitude venomous. "What do you think you are doing?" I screeched before noting it was once again the same guy.
"I'm so sorry." he exclaimed and then realised it was me. "Again." he mumbled.
"Hmph. Try to not do it again." I said, losing the attitude when he gave me a lop-sided smile. It was kind of cute.
"What if I want to? I'm Zack by the way." he asked, bumping my hip.
I gave him a small smile. "You'd have hell to pay." I started to walk away.
"Where are you going, Girl With No Name?" he called after my retreating figure.
I grinned and bit my lip, casting him a glance over my shoulder. "It's time for tea, Zachary."


Haha - I really wanted to write a weird ATL one shot. What do you think? :P


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