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ruby perez-wilson│la casa debarcelona
july 8th, 2012.

[flashback│march 23rd, 2007]

“What can I get you?” I didn’t look up as the customer positioned himself at the bar in front of me, taking a seat on one of the chairs.

“A Guinness, please?” I noted the Irish/American accent and I looked up, intrigued to who the voice belonged to. Staring back at me was an extremely handsome older guy, around 25ish, from what I could tell, with reddish/brown hair and stubble, which suited him. However the one thing that got me were his eyes. They were ice blue and I could imagine myself getting lost in them easily. Shaking the thoughts away, I smiled at him.

“Coming right up.”

Walking over to the other side of the bar to pour him his pint of Guinness, I could feel his eyes following me and I tried not to mess anything up. I hadn’t been doing the job long, only since I started college and there was no way I wanted to lose it over a hot guy. Doing my best to ignore him, I finished pouring his pint and walked back over to him, a polite smile on my face.

“Here you go. Anything else?” he shook his head and gave me the right money, indicating that he had been here before, or he was a huge fan of Guinness. 

“Thanks.” I nodded and went back to cleaning the bar, wiping it down after the mess my fellow college kids had made when they had been in here earlier on.

“Ruby!” I looked up and over the room, to see Johnny standing at his office door, hands on his hips.


“The floors need mopping and the tables need wiping.” I nodded in understanding. He wanted me to do it.

“Okay.” He said nothing else and turned back into his office, leaving me alone in the bar with a couple of other customers and the handsome guy at the bar. Stepping out from behind the bar, cloth in hand, I went over to the table area and began wiping them down. I was only halfway through when a voice spoke up from behind me.

“You shouldn’t let him talk to you like that.” I carried on wiping but turned my head to see the guy from the bar leaning against one of the tables I had just cleaned. 

“He’s my boss, therefore he is allowed.” 

“Just because he’s your boss doesn’t give him the right.” I stopped wiping and turned properly, now facing him.

Shrugging, I folded my arms across my chest. “He gets paid to treat me and the rest of us college kids like sh-t. I just let him get on with it. I only work here a couple of nights a week anyway.” 

He nodded. “But still, he doesn’t have the right. My name’s Aiden by the way. Aiden Wilson.” He stuck his hand out and I laughed at the formality but stuck my hand out to meet his.

“Ruby Perez. It’s nice to meet you.” He nodded and squeezed my hand before letting go, leaving a tingling sensation in my hand. 

“So, you’re at college then?” I nodded.

“Yep, I just started this year.” Moving to the next table along, he followed me, settling on a table close by. 

“What are you studying?” 

“Sociology. Just like every other student, right?” He laughed and I smiled. It was true though, everyone I met outside of college seemed to have either already studied sociology or half way through the course already. I was clearly a sheep following the crowd.

“So, how old are you?” I asked, whilst walking back to the bar for the mop and bucket.

“25.” I said nothing, walking past him and putting the bucket down and moving the chairs and tables out of the way. “Why?”

I shrugged. “No reason, just making conversation.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Or you were wondering whether or not I was too old for you.”

I blushed even though that hadn’t been my intention when I had asked. “It wasn’t, honestly.” 

He said nothing else but sat there with a smirk on his face whilst I cleaned the floor. I tried my best to ignore him but I was finding it hard to concentrate whilst he was looking at me. 

Half an hour later and I was finally finished, just in time for closing up. Aiden had left a while back so I was on my when Johnny shouted from the back it was time for me to leave, not that he said it so politely. I didn’t question him and grabbed my bag and coat and left the bar quickly, walking out on to the deserted street.
Taking my usual right turn, I began heading up the street when I felt someone walking in step beside me. Cautiously taking a look, I relaxed, if only slightly when I saw it was Aiden, walking silently with his hands in his pockets.

“What are you doing?”

“Walking you home.”

“But you don’t even know me.”

“Ah yes, but I’m a gentleman and I would never let a pretty girl walk home alone.” I blushed like a school girl at the fact he called me pretty but then frowned when I realised he called me a ‘girl.’

I cleared my throat to cover my discomfort. “Well, thank you.”

We walked the majority of the way in silence, only talking when we saw something or someone walk past us that interested us. When I finally saw my dorms, I breathed a silent sigh of relief, knowing I would be free of the awkwardness in only a few moments.

“Well here I am. Thank you so much for walking me home.” Aiden frowned before looking from my dorm building then back to me.

“You don’t want me to walk you in?”

I shook my head. “My roommate is in and it will only disturb her if she realises I’m not on my own. She’s a light sleeper, and by that, I mean she is a nosy girl who would wake up just to find out the gossip.”

He laughed and nodded. “okay then, I get the point, you don’t want your roommate to see me.” 

I nodded, apologetically. “I’m sorry plus, I wouldn’t even know how to explain who you are if she did wake up and see you.”

He took a step closer to me, our chests touching as he leant into my ear. “You’d say that I was a guy you met today who wants to take you on a date sometime this week.”

He pulled back so he could see my face, which probably looked in shock. “You want to take me on a date?”

He nodded. “I do, so what do you say?” I could hear his Irish accent a lot more and I felt weak at the knees. 

“Yes.” He smiled and he took my phone, which was in my hand and typed my number into his own.

“I call you.” I smiled and nodded at him, feeling very shy at that moment. He leant in and I felt his lips touch mine gently and only for a second before he pulled away.

“Good night.” I watched as he walked in the direction we had just came from before heading back to my dorm building, a sh-t eating grin on my face.
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