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hello september!
so i suppose i should address my schedule for this year?

welpp, i'm pretty happy with it!
i mean, i did have to wheel and deal a bit to get it this way... but i don't really feel like getting into that:

day one~
period 1- american lit: i can already tell this class is going to be ahh-mazee-inggg! my teacher is the cutest little thing in the world like omfg i'm in love with her, she's just too perfectttt! and the list of books we are going to read is pretty swell, too!
period 2- advisory (everyday)
period 3- gym (next semester, it is history of jazz!): pretty good class, i've got tonnnssss of friends in it, ie @trslover44 (jamie), sarah a, rachel s, carlos... a bunch of peoplee!!!
period 4- orchestra: my. freaking. life. okayy? it's so weird with all the seniors gone though :( like i was gonna cryyy, no more noah </3 i mean, there's sam now, but let's be real, shall we? i mean, yeah he smells like heaven and is super funny... buttttttt.... he is by NO means noah :'(((((( and that loser doesn't want to be a first violin. and we only have 5 as of now :O
period 5- spanish (everyday): s'all right, i suppose... i like my class, and my teacher is pretty swell! i was supposed to get the other teacher though, whom is like my life (i had him last year) but my schedule got moved around :( it's still gonna be fun!!!

day two~
period 1-algebra 2 honors: haven't been (scheduling issues) but i have a lot of friends in the class, i know!
period 3-us history 1 honors: haven't been yet, again with the scheduling! and i don't even know who is it!
period 4- honors biology: i've only been once, but i can tell it's going to be an amazing class... my teacher is amazingggggg<3

ehm, that's it for that!

i went shopping today at forever21, and i got tonnnssss of cute things!! i'm thinking of maybe posting OOTD's?? should i? 

uhhhhhh okayy i think that's it, i'm hungry om nom!

xx liv
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