Yep. The new activity check came up a while back, and I couldn't reuse a thread, and I had the option of coming up with a thread in two weeks. Yeah, I don't think I could. So I just said I'd delete Kenny. I knew it was coming. 

However, this means a decision must be made.

Michael Smith/Hart
The last name thing just came to me. I knew his name was Smith, but for some reason my brain keeps saying Hart. *shrugs* Anyway.... Music lover and movie fanatic, you can find him quoting some of his favorite movies and songs. He's mostly shy and reserved, but he's not afraid to talk to people. He enjoys being with friends and has a love of fun. He's generally sweet and gentle, but a little reckless with one of the shortest tempers you may ever come across. Just try not to tick him off or offend him.

Nicole Westmot
Never call him Nicole. It may be his first name but 1) That's a girls name 2) He's a son of Hephaestus. You might think initially that his father is Ares, but no. It's Hephaestus. He's generally a rude and not very outgoing person. He does enjoy having friends and hanging out, but he just doesn't trust people. He wishes he did, but he just can't. He wants and wishes with all his might to find love somewhere at anytime, but he's sure this will never happen. He loves fire and the big city. Poetry is something that soothes him. Another thing to never bring up with him.

Now, I would love some input, PLEASE! I seriously don't know who to play. I would have done Justin, but the flow of Aphrodite's was insane. It's also very convenient that the Apollo and Hephaestus cabins are evenly spaced.
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