Time is ticking by without us knowing...... Gee Isn't that the truth? Jan 1st 2012 seems like yesterday to me........
Happy {late} New Years people! I sincerely meant to post a set on New Years but I have been crazy busy! Actually that would "sincerely" {Ma word of the day =p} be a lie since we haven't even had Christmas the fam yet but... that's tomorrow and guess what? I haven't even started buying or making things.... Last minute, am I not? Gonna be up 'till 3 a.m {makin' jewelry for presents {that's what the boys are gettin' too, like it or not! Kidding or....} that is, yep another hobby of mine} with my good buds Skrillex, Example and Calvin Harris {Electronic music keeps me goin'}. Anyhow I just wanted to wish ya'll a Happy New Year, hope ya had and have a good one! ^-~ Lilz {finally} out! ^-~ 
P.S to all people actually taking the time to read this {thanks!}, Do you think my sets are Fashion or Art & Expression? It goes both ways for me.... {Please tell me what ya think in the com's! Thanks once again! ^___^
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