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Questions asked by @onelove123.

1) Which hairstyle do you like? For some reason I like hair with bangs. Most people look very pretty in it. I had bangs too once but now it's grown to a fringe. But I never wore it down though.

2)What are the three Korean dramas you like the most?
Dream High. You're Beautiful and Playful Kiss. They';re the only three I managed to watch fully.

3)What the 3 things you most addicted to?
B.A.P, Writing (on my blog, diary, journal and my new story xD) and reading. >.<

4)What reality show do you like to see the most?
Hello Baby. It's so adorable watching them raise kids. But the goodbye's are always painful.

5)Would you like to get married early?
Yes, at around like 21 or 23 or something.

6)Do you love animals,and which?
I like animals. After B.a.p's my favorite is bunnies. But I don't really, specifically have a favorite.

7)How did you get to know the site Polyvore?
My sisters used to be here.

8)To which kpop performance would you want to go?
B.a.p's of course. And I'm so happy Channie is back with them. I just hope he recovers quickly. Get well soon, Oppa! ♥

9)You refer to live with your parents or live in your own apartment?
My parents always joke saying they'll live with me when I'm older, but I don't know. I'm still too young to go that far.

10)What did you dream to be when you were little kid?
A princess. A teacher. And then a writer.

11)Do you like when i tag you? Or you want that I'll stop?
I love it when people tag me these stuff. I love doing tags. :D I just don't know people to tag 'cause people I know will be tagged by the time I do it.
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