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So I decide to invite @ichiqo 's team for the party.

After all the cooking was done, we decided to invite our friends over. I quickly called one of my really close friend Krystal, who share the 94 liners with me. Jinyoung, N, Kwangmin and V were invited too by other members.

We were all prepared when the guests came over. I jumped at Krystal and we couldnt stop chattering for hours. The others gave us a funny look.

"Wow, I love this rice cake!" Exclaimed Jinyoung. 
"Hmm.. and this soup is so yummy. You guys are awesome cooks!" N added.

I looked at V, who was eating too quietly. "So, how does it feel to be a newbie?"

V smiled. "It is hard but I am starting to enjoy it. I have met many people in this industry and I am glad you invited me over. I hope we all can be good friends."

"I am glad I invited you. Since we are the same age, I wanted to know you better. More pudding?" Changjo offered. I looked at Krystal and she looked back at me. We squealed softly at the cute sight of the two cute boys getting closer.

"Thanks Minho for inviting me." Jinyoung beamed, still chewing food. "I see that you, too, invited me because I am your age?"

"Yeah." Minho said, forcefully feeding Jinyoung more rice cake. "Eat more, maybe then you will grow as tall as me and have muscles like mine."

"It doesnt matter, because I am a leader so more superior than you." Jinyoung joked, and Minho gave him a playful shove.

"Count me in too, I was born in 1991 as well!" Suho made a puppy face.

"Yeah, me too! Together we will have such legendary times!" Jinwoon gave the cute eye smile which I absolutely love now.

"Ofcorse!" Jinyoung abruptly rose from his seat and forced a spoon full of pudding in Suho's mouth. "You eat so well. You are also a leader, so that makes Minho and Jinwoon inferior to both of us."

Suho and Jinyoung high fived, making Minho put on a temporary sulky face. Jinwoon didnt seem to mind at all. He had the eye smile pasted on his face.

"So that means... I am a loner? There is no one my age here." N asked.

"Well, dont worry. I invited you because I heard you are really fun to be around." Jinwoon said quickly.

"Oh, that I am." N winked.

"So that means eventhough Suho invited me, I should team up with Chanjo and V since we are the same age?" Kwangmin asked innocently.

"Aww, you are so cute!" Krystal couldnt help herself. "It doesnt necessarily have to be that way. But being with people your age are so much more fun! Right, Jiyoung?"

I nodded and smiled at Kwangmin. I still didnt know how to recognize who is who from the Jo twins.

We all talked and ate non stoply till it was getting too dark. Finally, it was time for a good bye. We took a goofy group picture together, which I am planning to get framed and hanged in the camp house.
F O R E V E R .

F O R E V E R .

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5. Your ultimate bias from boys. (Doesn't matter if a solo singer or from a group/band)
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♪Kpop Music Fashion♪

♪Kpop Music Fashion♪

The battle of the teams- OVER
1st place: Team Party Boys 1161 points (VIXX, BtoB, U-KISS, INFINITE), collection
2nd place: Team Bulletproof 1071 points (B.A.P. LC9, GOT7, BTS), collection
3rd place Team Bad Girls 968 points (2NE1, 4minute, BEG, SISTAR), collection
4th place Team SM Style 812 points (SJ, EXO-M, EXO-K, f(x), collection is missing
5th place Team Cute as Lollipop 724 points (AOA, 15&, LeeHi, SNSD, A-Pink, Tara), collection
6th place Team Bad Boys 718 points (Big Bang, BlockB, JaeJoong, B2ST), collection

The Battle Of KPOP Idols

The Battle Of KPOP Idols

This used to be My Korean Boyfriend group - hopefully we will have second season in the future.
info about auditioning:
The Battle Of KPOP Idols the most active members and teams are awarded points&rewards. What you have to do? Just enter contest and follow 4 rules for each set which gives you 20 points! Winners of contest are awarded additional points:
1st place - 20 points
2nd place - 15 points
3rd place - 10 points
4~6th place - 5 points
7~8th place - 2 points
I'm not going to remove inactive members, they just won't be awarded:) Let's have fun and enjoy summer!
team points:
♥ @sparsile - TAEYEON → points:
♥ @ rachel1315 - SUHO → points:
♥ @theamazingkissme - SOOHYUN → points:
♥ @remysg21 - VICTORIA → points:

team points:
♥ @unicorn-plushie - SEHUN → points:
♥ @dinoburger - SUZY → points:
♥ @aurora-zg - SEOHYUN → points:
♥ @dragongirl142 - HYERI → points:

♪Dancing Machines
team points:
♥ @kewelgirl1988 - JUNGKOOK → points:
♥ @sehuna - KAI → points:
♥ @julia-ngo - TAO → points:
♥ @this-little-babydoll - HYOYEON → points:
♥ @maybones - reserved
team points:
♥ @nyamnyam - DONGWOO → points:
♥ @umkkey - J-HOPE → points:
♥ @inessilva2009 - SUGA → points:
♥ @martafofa - G-DRAGON → points
♥ @natacvdo - CHANYEOL → points:
♪Main Vocalists
team points:
♥ @the-greatest-love - CHEN → points:
♥ @ioreth - KEN → points:
♥ @aliicia21 - PARK BOM → points:
♥ @lauacvdo - KYUHYUN → points:
♥ @bluelovers - JONGHYUN → points: