Hi friends out there in my internet box! You're officially speaking to a girl who GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL TODAY!

I can't believe how soon it ended! I probably already said this in one of my udates on here, so sorry if I'm repeating myself, but I'll say it again - what makes this even stranger is that I never actually envisioned myself graduating from the school I just graduated from. I switched schools in the 9th grade when I moved between divorced parents. For the beginning of my time at this school I thought I was going to go back home, because it just didn't seem very permanent to me. I was going to convince my father to let me transfer because I hated my school. I was 100% sure. Once I chilled the heck out and enjoyed it, for the rest of the time up until today, I thought it was going to be that I had one too many skipped days/detentions and I wasn't going to be allowed to walk. I kept waiting for the call, and the thought of unplugging my house phone even crossed my mind, but I didn't and it never came and here I am!

... A high school graduate. : )

I'm sending this out during the brief time I have at home. Graduation was about 3 hours ago, and Dad, Diana, Alexander, Ella, Gwen, Jen, Aunt Sharon, Mr. Masters, Thomas, and my mother attended to cheer me on. I went out to eat with my mother after the ceremony, I'm home now, and she should be on her way out of the city. In an hour the rest of us are leaving to go to my celebratory early dinner we're having at Aunt Sharon's.

I can't believe I can even say I'm sad to leave some teachers behind, but I am! First of all, my junior year English teacher, who helped me so much outside of class and helped me succeed in/appreciate English class for probably the first time in my life. My Spanish teacher, because she was hilarious. And thirdly [and especially] my seminar teacher from first semester. I shook his hand post-ceremony, and Thomas came up to get me. He [my teacher] looks at Thomas and goes, "You take good care of her." JEEZ, he was such an awesome teacher.

I meant to post this set yesterday, but I figured [and was correct] that I'd have so much to say today that I should just save it. Last night, since it was my last day of school and of course I had no homework, Thomas and I took a walk in Central Park. We saw someone's huge, ugly looking plastic ring in the center of the sidewalk where we were walking. He picked it up, tossed it at me and casually was like, "Want to marry me? You're graduating, so you're not a child anymore" [which is sort of a joke because even though he is a grade above me in school, his birthday is in August and mine is in December, so for the majority of the year, we're the same age]. I was like, "Er, yesh. When, today?" And he was like, "OK, sounds good. It's not like I have anything else to do."

Why do I feel like that's how it will actually happen? XD

I'M FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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