Time Travelers

I didn't plan on ever publishing this collection. It's kind of a plot outline in pictures for this idea I have for a story. I'm not a great writer but here's a snippet:
"After a while of traveling a change occurs. This change made me understand why Gabriel is the way he is. When you've gone through more time than any person could experience in their entire life. And when you've visited more places than most people will ever get to see, you feel slightly disconnected. I no longer felt tied to the year Gabriel and I met and started traveling. That wasn't home to me anymore; it didn't feel like a base or a starting point. When we went back it felt like just another trip. I felt surreal sometimes. The question of "is this good?" constantly nagged in the back of my mind and sometimes I worried about the psychological effects of time travel. Walking the streets of San Francisco in 1982 felt just as much like a home to me as sitting in my room in 2010 did. It wasn't because I was comfortable there, I wasn't. It was just because time no longer had a hold on the physical world to me. I envisioned myself as a sort of discarnate being, floating through time, with highlights and points of interest in the form of Polaroid pictures along the way."

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Wrote two years ago
yep. :)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @aj1505 :)

Wrote two years ago
this is really good :)


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