I know I know.I haven't been posting stuff and I haven't been doing reviews. And deeply sorry!
I do come on Polyvore and like all of your stuff And the contests.
But i have been like busy.
My bundle test and studying.
I almost failed algebra because i didn't have time to study for the Mathematical Vocab Test. But i brought it up to a B+ on my like Algebra grade.I have been doing lots of extra credit for all my classes.
I joined Diversity Team. And me and my friend ended up being the team manager.ANd we are preparing for the Halloween Dance.
I have lots of tests coming up so i am cramming studying for them.
Also they pile you up with homework. SInce i have this other program i have HW for i stay up like until 3 am doing it all.Or like three times i didn't sleep at night at all. It's because High School is coming up that they pile you up with homework. And when i get some time on the weekends i sleep.And we have this 30 min. transition before 3rd period where we can finish homework,study or take a little nap. And i sleep for a while if i don't have to do HW or study.
But like i have been stressing out because all the things i have to do.My mom wants me to quit the program i do. But if i do, then i would suck at E/LA.
And i got sick again from staying up all night and not eating well.
Ever since i fainted in 6th grade summer and was taking to the ER i have had stomach problems. My parents try to stuff me with food so i don't faint again but i vomit if they do that. And i'm not skinny, i'm like chubby. ANd i can't lose weight easily. I gains slowly. It doesn't really go down.
But the thing is i always get hungry. And when i am in front of food. I can't seem to eat it.
And i'm so happy i don't have school tomorrow.
My mom said she was going to take me to my doctor for a check up. She thinks i look pailer. 
I feel like crying.
I do almost daily post on Tumblr You can read my wacky days!

But i hope that none of you guys are having the same problems as me. Please keep yourself healthy! Study Hard! FIGHTING!!

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