Casual dress with femininity and style. Love the creamy pink with orchid.

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Style First, Trend Later

Style First, Trend Later

This is an outfit only group for sets thinking about personal style before the current trends. Not ignoring trends, just not setting them as top priority with outfits! This is meant to be fun and not held down by rules so let you're creativity run wild!

Simple Things

Simple Things

A group where all your simplest sets can shine! No overwhelming backgrounds, just sets that are simple, clean, and are interesting just from the little things!
Please do not submit sets with profanity, nudity, or are of a hateful or hurtful nature, and no retail marketing sets please! They will be rejected! Sponsored sets are okay if they look stylish and attractive! Thanks!

I try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, I'm the wrong one! I believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx

Mod: @mcheffer Adopted: 6/21/2015

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Beautiful People of Color!

I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion:

Simple but Never Plain:

My Style:

Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside:

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Cosmic Free Spirits:

Fashion My Way:


Every Girl's Dream:

Fashion Diva:

Home is Where the Heart is:

Dream Set:
The Best Polyvorians:

Make Fashion Easier:


Hooked On Style:
Polyvore at it's BEST:

Gowns Galore:

Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

Amazing Outfits (Outfit Only)

This group focuses on the outfit. A set does not have to look like a magazine layout to be amazing. Please note...we are not teenagers, and will most likely not be drawn to sets geared towards the younger generation. Thanks for your interest. Jackie and Bev



Fashiondummies doen's mean that you don't know nothing about fashion, No! This is a group for anyone who LOVES fashion. But it's more important to have fun. Everyone can join! We have contests as well! Come and join!
More members = More fun = More contests = More fame!

Jack of All Trades...

Jack of All Trades...

..and master of none". As the saying goes, this group is for a mix of my favorite things. Fashion, Dolls and Interior Design/ Mood Boards. I may throw in a weird little challenge here or there so hold on to your panties. Hope you have fun!


Animal Motif Jewelry

Animal Motif Jewelry

139 sets from 59 members. Ended two years ago.
Animal jewelry adds such a unique touch to an outfit. This time, use one piece of jewelry that features any kind of animal. NOT the animal's print but the actual animal itself. There's plenty of examples in details and even more out there to find yourself! So have fun & be creative! OUTFIT ONLY!

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