Today I'm going to give you five simple tips on how to preserve your nail polish for as long as possible and make them look like just stepped out of the salon.


1. Before you start painting, you should ALWAYS remove any left-over polish from your last manicure. It's important to have a smooth surface to paint on in order to avoid any bumps (or even having the last color show up from under your new coat of polish).

2. Take care of your cuticles (the small, thin layer of skin at the bottom of each of your nails), by lightly scraping them backwards using the fold-out from your nail clippers, or even using your own nail, you shove it back. Just be carefull...if you press back too hard you could hurt yourself!

3. Filing your nails with a nail file to get the shape you want is also a good idea. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards to get rid of any left-over dead nail and dry your hands as much as possible before painting.

4. A base and top coat are really good for preventing chips from happening. Clear nail polish is ideal for this.

5. Never use a polish over 2 years old. The older the polish, the longer it takes to dry AND they'll chip only within a day or two of you painting. It's better to get rid of them then keep painting your nails almost everyday.


Hope this helped! ♥

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