Fighting With a BFF?
We all hate it when we get into fights with our best friends, the ones we can tell anything and everything to, the ones who will always stand by us, the ones who always bring a smile to your face. So hoiw do we fix these fights?
O1. First of all, during the "fight", instead of sticking around and yelling stuff that you don't actually mean, try to leave, and let things cool down. If you are angry, most of the time, you mught say something you don't mean. Go for a walk, take deep breaths, listen to music, watch cartoons, whatever. Try to calm down.

O2. Afterwards, you are probably not as mad as before. It's tough getting enough courage to try to make things right, but it's the best thing to do. Would you really want to lose a friend because of a silly arguement? The best way to make things up is face to face, but if you really can't, talk on the phone. AVOID texting or IMing your friend. Those are not great ways to deal with a fight.

O3. If you did something really wrong, [ex:if she tells you a secret and you promise not to tell, but you actually do tell, and she finds out], try talking to her about it. If that doesn't work, maybe you can write a letter to her, or make a card. Explain that you were wrong for doing that, and promise you won't let anything like that happen again. [And keep your promise!]

O4. If she doesn't forgive you, there isn't much you can do. Maybe if you wait, she'll ease up, and you can become friends again. Maybe not. And if you're the one who's mad, learn to forgive. If would be a shame to lose such a precious friendship.
Hope these tips helped!
Type "friendsforvever" iff you read it all!
lovee, style.diva(:
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