Ever hang out with a friend and you cant think of anything to do? Well I am here to give you some fun ideas of things to do with your friends! :)

♥Take photos
-If you are bored with a friend one of the most fun things to do is to take photos
-Whether its with a camera, with a webcam, or even in an old fashioined photobooth, you will have a blast.
-Try funky clothes, make-up, and hair in the photos
-Just for fun try using a fan to blow your hair, or do funny poses:)

♥Build a fort
-This may sound too little kid-ish but believe me, im not a little kid and building a fort is still tons of fun:)
-Try building one so that as soon as you open the door you enter the fort, or build one outside, or even build forts and then have nerf gun fights! haha always a good time;)
-Maybe try to make a really huge fort using like every blanket and pillow you can find:)
-No matter how old you are getting a make-over from a friend is super fun.
-If you want something more exciting try blindfolded make-overs or timed make-over
-If you dont want a full make-over choose just one thing to have made over, it could be: you outfit, your hair or your make-up
-For even more fun combine a few activities together, like a photoshoot of before and after make-overs:)
♥Go to the Mall
-Sounds simple, but is super fun
-The mall may seem boring to some (not to me lol) but there are so many fun things to do!
-You can try on the craziest clothes you can find
-Go on a scavenger hunt
-Get your make-up done
-Buy stuff
-Even see a movie (if your mall has a theater)
-Dont forget to take pictures! Just not in the stores, because some stores dont allow you to take pics
♥Do your nails
-Stuck at home with your favorite chica? Paint your nails! It may sound dull but its actually a ton of fun
-You can try to make it like a spa day, or try out some really cool colors
-You could even try designs, like making them look like a watermelon, like flowers, or even something like a peace sign or a smiley face:)
-If those designs sounds too hard to do, try polka dots, or a french manicure

♥Go outside
-There are many fun things to do outdoors you could play a sport, go swimming, or just relax
-Some sports that are fun to play with a friend are; soccer, basketball, baseball, wall ball, tennis, badmitton etc.
-Other things you could do are try out some dance or gymnastic moves or even if you have multiple friends try piggy back races:)
-If its a sunny day make sure to put on sunscreen, but if you want you and your friend could just lay out and tan

♥Play a game
-Truth or Dare is absolutely my favorite game ever, haha i play it like everyday with my friends, and if you dont like dares, just play truth
-Ever hear of the game "Marry, Date, or Dump?" Its a really fun game, basically it gives you a card with 3 celebrities and you must choose the one you want to marry, date, and dump. To mix it up a little, make your own cards! Make cards with people you know to make the game more interesting:)
-Other fun games are Monopoly, Sorry, Othello, Perquackey, Mad Gab, and Whoonu
-If you have a Wii or Playstation playing one of the games would be really fun:)

♥Make something
-Whether you make a painting, a new skirt, or a cake, you will have a ton of fun:)
-Dont forget to document the process with a video or some pictures:) you will wanna remember the fun you had!
-For something even more fun, make a video of you and your friend making something, and pretend you are on a cooking or crafting show, believe me, you will have a ton of fun:)
-Maybe try to revamp some of your clothes, or decorate your backpack for school

♥Watch a Movie
-Pop up some popcorn and relax with your best bud and good movie:)
-Some good new movies are: Despicable Me, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif, Toy Story 3, and other movies

I hope I could help you find some fun things to do with your friends:)
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