101 ideas:

1. Do makovers in the dark
2. curl eah others hair
3. prank call people
4. paint nails bright colors
5. play the game of life
6. make soap
7. bake cupcakes
8. have a fashion show
9. go shopping
10. have a pillow fight
11. blow bubbles
12. take ur dog on a walk
13. go to the beach
14. fly a kite
15. make jewelry
16. do magazine quiz
17. watch a movie
18. make microwave popcorn
19. make italian sodas
20. sleep in a tent
21. do smokey eyes on each other
22. switch clothes
23. have a photoshoot
24. redisign your room
25. try on glasses
26. die your hair temporarlily
27. make ice cream
28. eat pinapple
29. play cards
30. look through yearbooks
31. create your own recipee
32. color on your shoes
33. bedazzle stuff
34. try on slippers
35. straighten each others hair
36. make a movie
37. eat whipped cream
38. tie die stuff
39. dress up your dog
40. make up a funny dance routine
41. have a tv show marathon
42. go on your trampoling... oh wait... YOU DONT HAVE ONE!
43. go on your neighbor's trampoline and try not to get arrested
44. make lemonade
45. make oragami
46. do karyoke
47. talk in different accents
48. play truth or dare
49. draw mustaches on each other
50. make brownies without a recipe
51. dance like a robot
52. slide down the stairs in sleeping bags
53. jump on a giant blue ball
54. dress up your dog
55. draw your dream room
56. play hangman
57. make puppets
58. lick someones elbow (they wont notice)
59. go on websites you used to be obsessed with
60. read horoscopes
61. see how many grapes you can stuff in your mouth at once
62. volunteer at an animal shelter
63. read stuff on fml.com
64. go on a picnic
65. go online shopping
66. make weird noises
67. find new ways to cure hiccups
68. taste differnt cheeses
69. google your name
70. chew gum
71. eat altoids in the dark (they spark)
72. make wierd animal noises
73. start a bake sale
74. play hide and go seek
75. make a sculpture
76. go in a hot yub
77. jump pn a trampoline
78. play with a yoyo
79. decorate your phone
80. draw funny faces on people in newspapers and magazines
81. dance off
82. write your own song
83. chat online
84. ding dong ditch
85. stare contest
86. make snowflakes
87. wii or other video games
88. tell scary stories
89. slip n slide
90. make a collage
91. tell jokes
92. sneak around like ninjas
93. make a fort
94. bug your parents
95. spy on siblings
96. look for cool stuff in attic or basement
97. sleep
98. prank each other
99. speak jibberish
100. facials
101. have a contest with your friend about who can come up with the most ideas for what to do at a sleepover and then post it on this website

Hope this helped!! :)

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