kaaay well this is for all you girlies like me who have a crush but wanna be HiS girlfriendd♥

well the number one thing is....
BE YOURSELF! im sure you've all heard this plenty of times before; but its SO true! trust me girls, im in a situation right now where i like this guy and like everyone including me can tell he likes me too. but i would be as far as i am if i wasnt acting as my true self!!!

okay next important thing is to first be his friend. get to know him well. and actually be his friend. it definitely works. and you'll get to see what his true character is like. trust me; itll work!

next thing is the FLiRTiNG! haha the funn part! okay well first check out this set that we made on flirting: http://www.polyvore.com/tip_o4_how_to_flirtt/set?id=27685797
this has many many tips on flirting. it'll get you through with the minor flirting :)

once you have heard from him yourself that he likes you; then you just need to answer him back and say that you do too!

but he might not say it that quickly...(trust me; ive been waiting more than a year! ughh. &he likes me too). he could be afraid of rejection, or his peers saying things. but dont let that get you off guard. what you basically have to do is tell him yourself! but say it at the RiGHT moment. NOT randomly! bring it up in a convo that has to do with that topic, or something like that. make HiM feel comfy. DONT do it in front of people, unless you KNOW FOR SURE he wants you too.

but give him some extra clues that you like him...go to MAJOR flirting. here's some examples:

-hugging him
-reaching your arm out to him
-when sitting next to him, "accidentally" bump your legs into his, and dont move them.
-reach out for something at the same time as he does, but dont move your arm.
-say that he's your best friend
-say that you love having him as a friend
-ask him for advice on what a good way is to ask a guy out

*and finally; if he doesnt after you do all of these things, YOU ASK HIM OUT YOURSELF!*

&also, ways to communicate with him when not with him : texting, phone calls, iMing, emailing, facebook. those are some exampless.

well i hope this helps you out girlies! good luck! love ya :)

xoxo, Gabrielle ♥
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