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What to Expect for Middle School [PART OF THE SCHOOL COLLECTION] ♥
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Aah, middle school. All those elementary schoolers anxiously thinking about the dreadful middle school, & in my area, what “team” they’re on. Don’t fret; middle school is the best once you get the hang of it (:

// Be prepared!
I know I said this for my High School Tip, but if you’re entering a new grade, & school, you definitely want to be ready. Get a backpack of your liking (I like to start off a school year fresh with a new backpack (:) & put all of your school supplies in it. Make sure you do this a couple of weeks before the school year starts; you don’t want to be missing anything on your first day!

// Befriend, & be a good friend (:
Don’t be afraid to meet new people; when I first went into middle school, it was a HUGE step. I have 5 elementary schools in my district, & all of a sudden when we go to middle school, all 5 elementary school combine! If your district is like that, don’t be afraid to wander into a different group of people. For my 6th grade, by the 2nd week, we didn’t even know who went to what school. All of the kids found new friends, & they were family (: But, you always want to stay true to your old friends! You never know when you need a familiar face with you.

// Procrastination stops here!
It’s best to break this habit at a young age. The more you procrastinate & the older you get, the harder is it to finish work on time. Make sure you complete every assignment there is; & don’t be afraid to do extra credit! When you’re doing projects & you wait off until the last day, the harder it’ll be to concentrate & you won’t get the full grade that you deserve.

// Study & ask questions!
If you don’t get a subject, study & ask plenty of questions! You teachers are your best friends (: Get to know them; they’re nicer than you think. Also when studying, avoid anything that can lure you out of concentration. TV, cellphones, & laptops are the biggest issues. Keep them away from you or off when you’re doing homework or studying; you’ll be so glad you did later on.

// Get to know your school
For my district, during our 5th grade year we got a tour of the whole building so we knew what we’d expect. If you already know your entire school by heart, good for you! You won’t get lost anytime soon (: If not, ask around. Teachers are the best people to know during these years. & a biggest scare of soon-to-be-6th-graders were lockers (like, jamming them & getting late for class..) & detentions (the result of being late for class). To avoid jamming (haha (:), keep your locker organized! (see tip #13). &, stay on your teachers good side. I had teachers that enjoyed a kids witty humor & would laugh along with the students, & I had teachers that put on the strictest face & gave kids detentions. What’s best is to get to know your teachers’ personalities, then act from there. 

Middle School isn’t as bad as all of you guys think; you’ll love it! Good luck & enjoy middle school! (:

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