30th tip! :D
Buying christmas presents is both fun, easy, hard, and, well, costs your moolah.
Here are inexpensive, but awesome&good quality gift ideas:)

I'll do this by males&females, and your freinds and boyfriend seperately.:)

-Bake/Cook Something
-Cooking/Baking Supplies
-Anything related to hobby
-Home/Holiday decor
-Lotion/Body stuff (Bath&BodyWorks!)
-Holiday Pillow
-Also go to BedBath&Beyond, they have some coolio stuff. :)

-Sports related things
-'Man' Slippers :P
-Maybe Bake/Cook Something

Friends&Sibling&Cousins of your age(female!):
-Bake/Cook Something
-iTunes Giftcard/other ones
-Sleeping Mask
-Anything Mustache Related :{)
-Anything related to fave TV show, movies, game etc.
-Board Game
-Other junky cute things :)

Male Sibling&Cousin of same age;
-Anything sports related
-Anything Junky They may Like
-Clearance VId. Gmae

Younger Sibling&Cousins;

-Anything sports related
-Something personal-like
-Something you know you both like and enjoy
-Band Tee
-Bake/Cook Something

I would only focus on getting something for CLOSE Friend(s),Parents,Grandparents,Cousins,Siblings,Aunt&Uncle, Boyfriend.
I would also combine my aunt&uncles gift and maybe grandparents
Also make things! Thos will be coming up soon. :)
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