I know that school may not be your favorite part of life, but its important to get pumped for school! :) Having a positive attitude makes everything better! So here are some tips to get you pumped and ready for the new school year! 

01;; GET UP
-Set your alarm early for school, to give yourself enough time to get ready but have some wiggle room if anything goes wrong
-A great way to help you wake up in the morning and not fall back asleep is to place your alarm clock out of arms reach, this way you have to get up in the morning:)
-After the alarm goes off, get up STRETCHHHHH and turn off the alarm!
-Then go splash your face with some cold water or do a few jumping jacks! 
-Turn on some upbeat tunes and get rockin'!
-Then go over and put on your outfit, then go look in the mirror and tell yourself (out loud or in your head) that, today is gonna be great, and that you look awesome! :)

-Then rush down stairs and get yourself some yummy breakfast!
-Skip those fattening frozen meals and sugary cereals, and go for a banana, some plain cheerios, and a big ol' glass of orange juice! :)
-Enjoy your yummy breakfast and know that if you had eatten those toaster waffles, you would have been hyper in the morning but totally crashed a few hours later!

-Rush rush rushhhh back up those stairs and start to do your hair and make-up
-Maybe listen to a little music and dance around while you are fixing your hair:)
-Put on a little make-up and pretend to blow your crush a kiss;) haha just for funnn♥

-Grab your backpack and start putting this inside!
-Make-up a little song about packing your bag like this:

to the tune of burnin' up by the jonas brothers (i actually dont like this song, its just stuck in my head)

Lunch box, binder
I've got them in my bag

My pencils, and notebook
and a lollipop for a snack

Cal-cu-lator and my flashdrive
Textbooks and high-lighters
Im bringing them all with me
Im packing up, packing up my bag baby!!

(was that not a wonderful song?(;)

-Now its time to RUN out the door, pretend edward cullen is chasing you, or maybe miley cyrus, or a large bear, whatever will make you run
-Stick on your favorite shoes, do the macarena (if you want to) and turn yourself around! THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT! :D haha sorry couldnt help myself
-But anyway so just turn up your ipod, text your besties, and head out the door:)
-If you are driving with one of your parents have a nice conversation with them
-If you are on the bus just stick to listening to music and texting your friends!

-Remember to have a positive attitude! 
-Think about all the awesome things that will happen today and how you will see your friends:)
-Try wearing bright colors since they make people happy:)
-Maybe pack yourself a special snack or something really good for lunch
-You could even decorate your locker really pretty to help you feel more positive! 
-Dont forget cute binder covers!:) Maybe sneak in a picture or 2 of your fave celeb hottie to look at during a boring class;)

Haha sorry if some of these tips seemed weird, I am really happy today:) Remember that we all have to go to school so make the best of it:) I hope I could help you!!!! :D ♥
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