pm me for any requests, girls! :)

O1. [ cocky guys ]
allllll guys like to talk about themselves. lets face it, its true! ask him about how his sport is going or whats going on at school and things like that. maybe you knew about a play he made in his baseball game..ask him about that! they loveee bragging, its just the way most guys are! DON't ask question that would be answered as a yes/no question because then the conversation is basically over and kinda awkward.
music, sports, famous athletes, school, movies, and tv are also good topics.

O2. [ facial expressions ! ]
make sure you laugh! dont make the conversation super awkward with just questions...dont make the convo an interview if you know what i mean. laugh and show expression to what he is saying. it shows interest and that you DO want to talk to him. 

O3. [ body language ]
this goes for the same as facial expressions. dont necessarily stand with your arms crossed or hand on your hip. it gives the impression of rude-ness and boredom. if you are really outgoing, lets say he says something exciting like he WON the game or hes going to australia, hug him :) and be like "oh my goshhh thats awesome (insert name here"

O4. [ blah, blah, blahhhh ]
dont be a chatterbox...guys dont really like that. try not to gossip or talk about other guys. dont talk about girly things or GIRL problems...its gross and they do NOT like that. ive had many guy friends say on twitter that they hateeee when girls talk about their periods. just dont! :P 

O5. [ impressing ]
dont be SO focused on impressing him (sorry if that is your main goal) that you are lying. we ALL tend to overstretch the truth but its way better to just be open and honest with the boy you are talking to. lying about who you TRULY are will definitely come back to haunt you at somepoint. share the parts of your life that make you, YOU- friends, family, social life, activities, hobbies, sports, etc. dont be afraid to tell him about what you personaly do best, its not showing off! 

 O6. [ flirting ]
come on, its a girl's best quality- we are really good at it. you can do it in SO many ways hahaha. we have a WHOLE tip on flirting, check it out!-

O7. [ getting out of your comfort zone ]
jump out of your comfort zone and be outgoing! dont be boring or awkward because honestly who would even want to hold a convo like that?! dont get down on yourself if you are rejected by the guy- no one dies from it...theres 347128723 boys on the earth, dont let one disappoint you and keep you from branching out to other guys!! maybe get involved with activites he enjoys so you can get to know him more and THEN even MORE conversations will happen.
make sure the boy you approach is worthy of someone as special as you :))))

O8. [ ex's ]
dont talk about ex's with other guys. seriously whats the point. EXCEPT if the guy brought up a convo about his old ex. and if you do happen to talk about an ex, please dont say his name.

O9. [ smiling ! ]
just like posture, body language, and facial expressions- smiling is VERY important .. in EVERYTHING! also maintain eye contact to show interest...even if the topic hes talking about is super boring.

1O. [ be niceeee ]
even though the guy may tease you, be nice. dont be a bitc.h or slu.t around him. guys may come across as loving those slu.tty girls but really they just want a nice down to earth girl :) dont really pick on him that much because thats mainly the guys job to do that to a girl (obviously in a flirty way)

bascially, just be confident! dont be afraid to be flirty or dont be scared of awkward silences, because most times, that doesnt happen a lot. dont be someone youre not! :)
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