So, I think we have all seen the bleached jeans trend here or there, but this is how to do it yourself, instead of paying crap tons of money for it! :) I do this ALL the time, & it looks exactly the same as it does if you buy it in the store!

1. Get a pair of jeans or shorts that has the DARKER color in it that you want. maybe really dark, or a bright medium blue? you decide what you want!

2. Get an empty spray bottle that has the "stream" option, or it just not a 'misty-like' spray bottle, ya know what i mean?

3. fill it with just normal clorox bleach.

4. For shorts, go in the bathroom, and just spray away at them! dont OVER SPRAY though!! becuase then you might have all-white shorts.... & you dont relly want that! just spray in chunks, and give it some splotches here & there.

5. For JEANS! You should probably go outside to do jeans.... but if you have like a big bathtub, that will prolly work too :) haha 

6. Get a medium sized bucket, and fill it about 1/3 full of bleach. 

7. Take your jeans, & (like a tie dye shirt) fold them & roll them to give you the kind of "bleach pattern: that you want. I usually just do it accordion style, or unevenly roll them. make sure to do that with BOTH legs! or, you can just twist them together into a ball, that'll give you a funky, random design.

8. fasten with rubber bands, or a string, but rubber bands work best!

9. hold carefully, and dip into the bleach! make sure it's not TOO uneven, because otherwise you'll have like one white leg, and one blue leg...

10. take them out of the bleach, and lay them on a towel you dont mind getting ruined, & WASH YOU HANDS IMMEDIATELY!!! & DONT unroll them! just let them sit there!!

11. They may take a day or so to dry... the shorts should only take a couple of hours.


• any fabric the bleach touches WILL bleach it. so wear crappy clothes, put your hair up, and clear any towels or rugs you dont want to get ruined.

• Bleach is VERY bad for your skin, so any you get on you, wash off as soon as you can!

• now this is obvious, but DO NOT DRINK THE BLEACH. because well... you will DIE.... so dont.

• DONT do this on carpet or wood, only tile, grass or like concrete out side. 

Last tips:

1. if you just want slight bleaching on jeans, or shorts, just take a paint brush and drop some dots on it, it looks great on some destroyed denim :)

2. works great on t-shirts, canvas shoes(converse, keds, ect.)

3. If you want some distressing, get some sand paper, and wear the denim down slowly! 

4. white paint spots look really cool too!

5. Did you stain your jeans, or shorts? :/ just bleach them!!! hahaha im a stainer, and it works! haha

6. Are those jeans too short, or too tight in the thighs?! cut them into shorts, and finish the destroyed look with paint, sand paper, & of course... BLEACH! :)

I hope this helps!! I do it all the time, & it looks JUST like you bought them that way!

love you all! any requests for tips? 

love, piper. :)
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