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If you are one of the people who knows what it's like to feel hopeleesly out of shape, and it's embarassing to run becuase you get so out of breath, you're not alone. There are loads of ways to exercise that can be fun, you just have to find them!

- Wii / xbox - there are things like Wii Fit that can help you exercise, but games like Just Dance can be really fun, especially if you're trying to beat your sister's record!
- Dancing - you can have such a laugh, but still exercise. Dancing is amazing, as you stretch all of your ody, but it's aerobic as well. There are some really good classes for all types. I love dancing!
- Trampolining - if you have a trampoline in your back garden, you can exercise. You can also have a lot of fun crazily jumping with your friends :)
- Yoga - makes you super stretchy, and it is really calming. You can do it in a class with some of your friends, or just do some poses before bed. Seriously, some people who do it are so bendy!
- Running - it sounds really tiring, but it is a relief when you stop panting every second. But do it outdoors, because you can see some beautiful scenery and meet some people... :)

Most importantly, it's really good to have some decent trainers and socks to stop you getting blisters, if you exercise outdoors. Whatever you do, just make sure you're comfy in what you wear, and you should be alright! Just make you sure you use body spray and deodorant, and drink lots. :)
Love, Georgie :)

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