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How to stay healthy & exercise ♥
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Staying healthy & exercising is something everyone wants to do!..but can’t find the motivation to do it..here’s some simple everyday tips that can help you achieve that goal:

// Eat a variety of foods! 
This comes as a BIG challenge for some people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of limiting yourself to just one category of food, try every single one! Go for whole-grains, citrus-y fruits, & dark-leafy greens. Also, lean towards foods that are low in fat, such as low-fat dairy products, & poultry. You might be picturing a limited group of foods that you MUST stick to for the rest of your life, but a healthy lifestyle isn’t that. Take a few foods that might go together, such as some leafy-greens, & pan-fry it all with some sauce & a citrus-y juice. That’s a delicious way to stay healthy (: ALSO: try to stay away from fatty, sugary foods, but an occasional treat won’t hurt. 

// Get physical! 
It’s easy for people to say that they’re going to stick to a constant routine or physical activity, but they end up getting 15 minutes of it every 3 days. Instead of randomizing a routine, try thinking of a goal. Do you want to be able to lift 5O lbs. before the summer ends? Or be able to run steadily for 3 miles? Focus on something little, then build it up. 

If you want muscular endurance/strength (EX:lifting weights): Buy a few light-weight dumbbells, & do a complete arm exercise using them. If you want endurance, start off with a weight that you can hold for a long period of time, but without straining your arms or having it be too easy. If you want strength, make up a routine for your arms with the heaviest weight you can hold. Cut off a good 45 minutes in the morning (or longer), then another section in the afternoon. I recommend you not doing it right before bed. Although weight-lifting is tiring, you won’t get the best nights sleep. If you really put the time & effort into this, you’ll have great muscular endurance (or strength) in no time.
7:OO-7:5O AM - Endurance training! Hold 1O lbs. for 4 1O minute periods with a 1O minute break
3:OO-3:45 PM - Strength training! Use 15 lbs. weights & do 15 minute cycles of different workouts.

If you want cardio endurance (EX:running for long periods at a time): Start with a small goal of running your neighborhood at A) a set time (like: run around the cul-de-sac for 5 minutes straight! or: get to the Smith’s house in 3 minutes!) or B) without stopping. This is also something you must put your time into. Waking up early & jogging around the block is a good way to freshen up for the day, & doing that repetitively, adding time or distance to each day will really show results. 
6:OO-6:5O AM - Run around the cul-de-sac 6 times without stopping.
8:OO-9:OO PM - Run the whole neighborhood in 15 minutes! 

If you want flexibility (EX:being able to stretch your body): Yoga is a good example of flexibility training. I’m not an expert at yoga, so seek a trainer or D.I.Y: buy a yoga mat & book! Start off with easier poses, then as you get more & more flexible, move on to the harder ones. Yoga is something that is a great refresher in the morning, but can also help you relax, & sleep at night. This is an exercise I recommend for early morning, & right before you go to bed.
7:OO-8:OO AM - Yoga! Focus on balance exercises.
8:OO-9:OO PM - Yoga! Focus mainly on stretching. 

Start with a small goal & reach for the bigger ones as you achieve it! But don’t just do one group..make a combination of all 3! But REMEMBER: If you want to stay healthy & see results, you need to put time into it! It’s like learning to play an instrument..it doesn’t just come to you (unless your a prodigy...), you need to practice! Good luck! ♥

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Thanks! (:

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Great tips!

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lovee it[:


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