Hey girls, this is Elise, and this is my very first tip, so I hope you enjoy it. 

I travel a lot, both domestically and internationally. The longest I have travelled is 14 hours, and I've flown with around 6 different airlines. So I have a bit of experience flying. 

When I travel, I have one carry on bag. In Australia and the USA, you can have 2 per female (eg ; a backpack and a handbag) but it is better to have one. I usually have a backpack, either a small black and white one or a medium sized black Roxy backpack. When looking for a carry on bag, think of the following things ;

- Where will you put it on the plane? Under the seat in front of you or above? I prefer having it near my feet. For obvious reasons, keep the bag medium to small if you want it close to you.

- What needs to go into it? Think about it, what are you taking? (List soon) Are you sharing with anyone else? 

- Does it have a few zips or compartments? Having a front zip for some mints, your iPod/iPhone, and your ticket is great, so you don't have to dig through your bag at the gate! 

What to pack in your carry on bag ;

- Tickets for the plane

- Your passport, or ID (depending on domestic or international)

- Wallet (including a range of money in different currencies, your learner's permit/driver's license, any debit/credit cards). Make sure you remove any unrelated cards or reciepts before you leave! You don't need 3 library cards when travelling overseas! 

- Phone (Remember to change to international roaming if needed!)

- iPod or music player (Remember to charge before, turn off wi-fi/coverage if needed, add new songs, movies, tv shows, apps and games before you leave)

- A book or magazine. I usually have a magazine and a book, because i love reading. Buying a magazine at the airport is a good thing, so you don't read it a week before you leave! Or you may need your parents to hide it. Like mine! (;

- Mints/Mentos and gum (For taking off, when bored, when ears need to pop, for landing, for getting yucky tastes out of your mouth)

- A water bottle (Bring one from home empty and fill at the airport or just buy one before you get on board

- Socks

- A jumper, cardi, or coverup

Okay, now onto the plane things.

When you arrive at the airport ;

- Go see if your airline has opened the check in yet. 

- Go to the check in area, and check if you can get into any special areas if your parents are frequent flyers. 

- Double check your checked in bag has a lock (Preferably a TSA one, as seen in the set)

- Line up and check in. Have your tickets and ID's ready. Have your bags ready.

After checking in ;

- Go through security (Remember to take off jewellery, shoes [if in USA], etc)

- Go shopping! Go buy water, a magazine, anything! I love airport shopping, my airport has pretty good shopping, we have actual stores. 

- Go to a longue if you can. My dad has One World membership, so we can get into the first class longues for Qantas, AA and BA. If you can't, see if you can buy a pass. 

- Go and sit in the check in area

- Go to the toilet before the allocated boarding time (They usually board a bit earlier than that time!)

- If travelling with small kids, or people with special needs, stand near the front, you will be boarded first. 

- Line up when you need to, AA boards different people at different times, Qantas just boards everyone at once.

- Make sure you have your passport and ticket ready.

- Make sure that you smile at the person who checks your ticket, and reply back to them if they say anything to you. They have hard jobs, and your smile might make their day (:

- If you need to take travel sickness medicines, take it now.

On the plane ;

- When walking down the aisle to the seat, keep your bag/s in front of you, down low. 

- Be patient, other people may organise themselves in the aisle.

- Try to move out of the way asap. Just move into your seat quickly (:

- Get yourself organised. Get your water, some mints, a book, your iPod or whatever else you want for the next hour or so.

- Put your bag above or behind you.

- Read the safety card in the seat pocket. ALL AIRPLANES ARE DIFFERENT. So please read the safety info.

- Switch your phone, iPod, laptop or whatever else you have onto airplane mode and then switch them off. That is so, if they accidently turn on, they are in a safe mode. 

- Listen to the instructions carefully. Remember to check for your lifejacket.

- Belt up. Keep the belt low and tight, and wear it at all times. Turbulance can happen at ANY time, so just keep it on when you are in your seat.

For takeoff ;

- Chew something, so your ears don't pop.

- If they do, yawn. 

- Keep yourself entertained for the first 15 mins or so, because you won't be able to move from your seat. Read the magazine, talk to your family/friends, just relax.

During the plane trip ;

- Don't turn electronic items on until you are told you can.

- Take off your shoes, but continue to wear socks.

- Don't put your seat back unless it is a long flight (4+ hours) and the person behind you is okay with it.

- Go for a walk, and to the toilet every hour or so.

- Keep your iPod/laptop/music on a lower volume then usual, because people might be wanting to sleep!

- When the food cart comes around, be ready to choose what you want. If you have to buy food, have your money or credit card ready. If you have it for free, just know what you want.

- Eat snacks or small light meals often. 

- Drink lots of water. Don't get dehydrated.

- Use some moisturiser and reapply every 2 hours or so, your skin can also get dehydrated.

- Remember to wash your hands or use hand santizer before eating, planes can be a germy place! 

Tips for sleeping ;

- Use a pillow and blanket if offered to you, they aren't the best, but they keep you warm.

- Make sure you are warm, wear socks and a cardi/hoodie if needed.

- Wear an eye mask or ear plugs if they are offered to you.

- Put your seat back as far as possible and put the side flaps of the seat up. 

- Just relax. Listen to some music. Close your eyes. 

Things to do on the plane ;

- Listen to music

- Watch a movie, tv shows, play a game or do whatever is on the entertainment units

- Read a book or magazine

- Sleep

- Eat (:

- Talk to others
- Go for a walk around the whole plane. (: 

- Read the inflight magazine

- Read the SkyMall magazine (The things in there are hilarious!)

- Read a book about your destination

- Play games on your iPod touch or iPhone

When landing ;

- The pilot will usually tell you about 20 minutes before landing that you are descending.

- During that time, go to the toilet.

- Pack up your things, remember to check the seat and seat pocket!

- Turn off iPod and electonics

- Put shoes back on

- Put seat in upright position

- Put seatbelt on low and tight

- Chew gum/mints for ear popping again.

After the plane trip ;

- Don't rush to get off, it takes a while to get to the gate.

- Get all your bags. TRIPLE CHECK. 

- Fold up your blanket and leave it on your seat.

- When you arrive at the airport, go through customs and immigration if needed. Remember to fill in your customs card and sign it. Try to be as quick as possible. Don't make jokes about stupid things. Just stay quiet and let your parents do the talking. Tell the customs officer if you have food (that includes gum, mints, lollies, chocolate, etc). Usually, they will say it is fine.

- Get your bag as quick as possible. Stand near the belt, and be quick.

- Double check it is your bag, and that your lock is still on. Always check for rips or tears on the bag, you can get money from the airline for that sort of thing.

And you are done! Go on and enjoy your desination! Thankyou for reading my tip, I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment below of what you thought of it! xo Elise
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