I'm pretty sure you all know who Demi Lovato is. If not, where have you been all your life, under a rock? Demi can rock anything and she is not afraid of what other people will think of her about what she wears. So today, I will be telling you some of her secrets about her wardrobe ;)

I am not even kidding, this girl has 5O thousand jackets. Leather & denim jackets are a big thing in Demi's wardrobe and you can get them anywhere nowadays!

Like the picture above, she likes to wear dresses and jackets which is great for the spring and summer. Try going for dress that are flowy at the bottom, or just wear a skirt and top tucked in.
Try any bright or black dress and it will work.

♥Band Tees
Demi is a rock n roll type of girl, so a band tee and a flannel shirt will definitely remind me of Demi

♥Leggings/Skinny Jeans
I think these are a staple clothing in every girl's closet. Usually Demi wears mostly black leggings but I'm pretty sure she's wear other colors and designs

♥Baggy sweaters
These are great when you are lazy, but Demi wears them all the time when she's in a rush

If you haven't noticed, but Demi has been going crazy with the studs haha, so anything with studs is great. Especially with lace

♥Maxi skirts/dresses
Last summer, I realized she wore lots of these. They're cute, comfortable, and keep you cool.

These are so in style and practically match anything. 

♥Ankle Booties
I mostly see her wearing black ankle booties so those are great but try even getting a really dark blue or burgundy. Remember it's good to be original ;)

How can you forget those? Demi rocks any kind of sunglasses, and I'm pretty sure you can too. Just don't go out with sunglasses when the Sun isn't out haha :)

Remember don't go too crazy to try and look like Demi Lovato. I know that she is very inspirational but you have to still be yourself and don't wear something just because she wore it if you don't like it ;) So yeah I guess this is the most important things in Demi's wardrobe. Unless you have anything else to add, feel free to comment below. :)

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