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Hey dears! Sorry for the lack of tips, were having some problems with people hacking us, adding new girls, people quitting, ect.. Anyway, Hannah, Lydia, Saddie, Alyssa, and I (Annika) are still going help everybody out!
Okay, on to the recipe. This is soo super quick, easy, and healthy and cheaper than your regular snack chips! :)

-Pita bread 
** Money saving Tip- don't be afraid to by the older pita bread off the sale rack! Your making chips, so as long as it's not molded, it's fine!
-Table Salt

-Microwave OR Oven

O1. Cute the pita bread up like you would a pizza or pie, making 8 pieces. So four cuts..
O2. You can either microwave them for 1 minute and half or preheat the oven to about 350 and bake about 4 minutes or until golden.
O3. Season with a pinch of salt!

O4. Serve these with a variety of dips, or just by themselves! 

Hope you enjoy these! :D
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