I love this set tip, it really is so fun to read, it will get you wanting to go on a road trip! I've always wanted to go on a road trip to the golden state of California! So this is kinda inspired by that dream haha -
So heres a list of some amazing fun songs to blast in your car with the windows down, and top off!

1. What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction
2. Call me Maybe
3. Firework by Katy Perry
4. Island in the Sun by Weezer
5. Summertime Guys! by Nikki Cleary
6.You make my dreams come true by Hall and Oats
7. California by Hawk Nelson
8. Pressing On by relient k
9. First Date by blink
10. Friend Like That by hawk nelson
11. Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top
12. California Girls by Katy Perry
13. I'm Letting Go Francesca Battistelli
14. Suitcases Dara Maclean
15. Hold Me by Jamie Grace
16. Better Together, Banana Pancakes, Good People, You and Your Heart and Never Know, by Jack Johnson
17. Holiday by Hawk Nelson! I LOVE THIS ONE!
18. In To Deep by Sum 41
19. Me Love by Sean Kingston
19. New Way to be Human by Switchfoot
20. Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot
21. Our Song and You belongw/ me by Taylor Swift
22. Play My Music and S.O.S. by the Jonas Brothers Haha I know this is pretty old but Hey! Your on the open road, no ones going to hear you!
23. Set the World on Fire by Britt Nicole
24. Shine by the Newsboys
25. The Show by Hawk Nelson
26. Something Beautiful by Newsboys
27. Spotlight by Mute Math
28. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse (This one is so fun to listen to!)
29. Take Me Country Roads by John Denver (If your a old country music fan, you'll love this!)
30. To Brazil by Vengaboys (This one is weird guys haha, it might get annoying! haha just look it up somewhere so you will get a good laugh) and you'll be like, OH! Now I get why she said that)
31. What could be better by 33Miles

So that was just a few of some fun songs and LOTS of fun ones that you might not have known about! So Here below is some delicious snacks you could pack up on your trip that are nutritious.. or totally unhealthy! haha but you want them to be either preserved or quick and easy that won't spoil-

1. Fruit cup, mix some strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, banana, nuts, rasberries, and blackberries and maybe a little drizzle of chocolate! You can put them in styrofoam cups or plastic containers, your choice!
2. Boiled eggs make good traveling protein, make sure to bring salt! ;)

3. Chips, like Cheetos, Lays, Pringles! (Sour cream onion pringles are my fav :)

4. Grapes and Cheese together are the bomb! I live BabyBell Cheese, I like the circle ones covered in wax and the cute little triangle ones you unwrap

5. Sandwhiches! cut them into little triangles, they would be a lot more efficient for the driver to eat and not have a wreck haha and it would keep the passengers from getting food all in your car! You can make PB&J, bacon, tomato, cheese and mayo sandwhich, or even a tortilla wrap of lettuce, tomato, teriyaki chicken and dressing!

6. Drinks- Pack a couple jugs of some delicious drinks- Like some Sweet Tea or Juice- Pack each person a bottle that keeps itself cool, it will keep people from spilling stuff all over the seats if they drop their cup, and it will keep your drinks from getting warm!
7. smoothies! Blend your deliciousness before you leave, it will get everyone all happied up for the songs- cause who doesn't love cold Juice?

8. Finger Food! Grab some mozzerella sticks, chedder peppers, veggies w/ ranch like (carrots, cucumbers, and celery) Hey try some celery and peanut butter, just grab a couple jars of Peanut butter and dip your celery in! It is so delicious if you've never had it!
Now We've Got To Have Some Games To Entertain us!
1. Ipod games, now thats pretty obvious but Hey, they're fun! There are some really fun ones you and your friends could do in the car together. Download the Glee singer app, you sing along or make your own songs and it gives you auto tune to make you sound good. Play this with your friends and make fun songs. You can also play Temple Run, Penguin Slide or whatever its called, Angry birds, Cube Runner (so fun)

2. Color Game. You play this game by choosing a color then going around in a circle and each person has 5 seconds to think of an object that is that color. For example, Orange! and no one can say the same object as someone else. For example, Orange! you could say "Orange". This game is really fun because its harder than you think- Its hard to think of an object that fast!

3. You could play a game where you turn on the radio and you flip through the stations trying to guess the name of that song- winner who guesses it gets points. 

4. You could stretch out and play the truth game. Get to know each other better. You have to answer a question if someone asks you one -keep it clean. Make it fun! don't make it dirty.. They don't have to answer it if its dirty- Ask questions like " If you were a princess, what guy would you wish to be your prince if you had to marry him by the time your 18?" haha Or "Whats one super power would you want to have"? 

4. ABC game- whoever gets to the end of the alphabet first by seeing words on signs that goes by. the Letter has to begin the word on the sign- So lets say I'm on A, I would try to find a word on a sign or building or wherever, that starts with the letter a. Like Apple, or air, or aladdin haha then you go on to the next letter.
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